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    • Jul 26, 2020
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    Worst car buying and selling experience ever

    • Length of Use: Less than 3 months
    Overall Experience:

    I began the process of purchasing a vehicle on 6/13 when I saw a very low mile MDX for sale for a really good price. I also decided to sell them the HRV that I was replacing at the same time. I received a great offer and the equity was applied as a down payment on the new MDX. So far, the experience was amazing. It all went downhill very quickly. The lack of CLEAR and consistent communication from Vroom has made this whole thing drag out UNTIL TODAY 7/23 and I STILL have not received payment for the car I sold...BUT IT IS ALREADY FOR SALE ON THEIR WEBSITE.

    The car became available on 6/16 and I immediately contacted Vroom and put down the $500 fee to hold the vehicle so that financing and paperwork could get done without fear of losing the car. I finalized financing (through a different company) on 6/17 and a cashier's check was sent via UPS overnight to Vroom on 6/18. I sent Vroom a copy of the cashier's check and UPS label for tracking on 6/18. All contractual docs were returned to Vroom the same day they were received on 6/18 via the overnight envelope and letter Vroom provided.

    Delivery of my Purchased Vehicle:

    I received notification on 6/22 that my delivery date would be "on or around 7/4". I received notification on 6/30 that there would be a delay. I called several times and emailed attempting to get an updated delivery date, to no avail. Finally, on 7/3, I was told it'd be Saturday 7/4 which I thought was odd as it is a Holiday. 7/4 comes and I have no car and no contact. I reached out on 7/5 and was told it would be 7/6 and someone would call. The delivery agent called as promised, delivered the car, and was a delightful human to interact with. 10 stars to HIM and literally no one else up to this point. Note: In the middle of all of this, I was promised callbacks and return email responses...NONE of which came.

    Pick-up of Sold Vehicle:

    During all of this delivery nonsense, I was trying to get someone to pick up the HRV I'd sold. Keep in mind I accepted the purchase offer the same day I accepted the sale offer in MID-JUNE.

    On 6/25 I received an email from someone at who's signature title had "Verify Logistics Specialist" out of Atlanta. The email had the make, model, and VIN for my vehicle and mentioned the sale to Vroom...seemed legit. I called the number and spoke to someone who told me that I could either have the car picked-up before or after the MDX was delivered. I told her I needed to discuss it with my husband and call back. We decided before was fine and I called back 10 times, left 7 messages, and responded to that email 6 times between 6/26 and 7/10 with absolutely no response whatsoever. I even copied the sales specialists at Vroom hoping they would help. I also called Vroom to tell them about what was happening and that I'd be copying them...NO HELP WHATSOEVER. I got a random call from Carolina Logistics based out of NC saying they needed to schedule a pickup. (Still no response or call back from my calls/emails to this other company.) I asked him to tell him who asked him to call and verify the make, model, and VIN...which he did and then he apologized for all the delays but gave no reason. I scheduled the pick-up for the next day and on 7/22 another DELIGHTFUL human being picked up the HRV.

    I have since called Vroom 7 times leaving messages and speaking with supervisors trying to get my HRV paid off so that I don't have to continue making 3 car payments. The HRV is already listed for sale on Vroom's website but they haven't even paid for it yet! I messaged the CEO on LinkedIn and provided not only the issues, but potential solutions. I'm at my wit's end and I am frustrated.

    I will NEVER recommend this company. The savings from purchasing through zoom for this vehicle was NOT worth all this stress and now erroneous expense. I have spent HOURS trying to get all this done quickly. I do not know what else there is to say.


    Pros and Cons:

    • Price of the vehicle
    • Lack of communication
    • Lack of process knowledge
    • Lack of empathy from representatives
    • Lack of issue ownership by staff
    • Lack of vendor communication
    • Severe delays

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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