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    • Aug 11, 2020
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    Planet Fitness

    Rude staff, stupid policies

    • Length of Use: 1–2 years
    Overall Experience:

    The staff at Planet Fitness is useless! The equipment is always broken and they won’t help you with anything. They don’t rack the weights that are left around. They won’t help you adjust the machines or teach you how to use them. They won’t address any concerns you have. They let people tie up the 30-minute workout room; even though there are signs everywhere telling people that it is for the 30-minute workout only! The trainer that is supposed to come with your membership, is hardly ever or totally not available, and the trainer that has been available lately, is nice enough, but has not had enough training himself and WILL hurt someone if he continues training with the training he has had at this time.

    The new policy for masks! It is sooooo stupid. You only have to wear a mask if you are walking the supposed 6 feet between machines. If you are on a machine or just standing near one, you do not have to wear a mask. I was not wearing a mask, because this is a stupid policy. No one is abiding by this policy. I tried to take some pictures just to show the corporate office, and the manager not only came over and called me out about not wearing a mask, but she THREATENED me with calling the police in front of my Mom and other members! And later she called me at home to yell at me!

    The HIPPA laws don’t let you ask anyone about their medical conditions and if they have a problem wearing a mask and breathing, you are not supposed to make them wear one. I do not have an issue with this and I am sorry for anyone who does, but the manager said it didn’t matter, because Planet Fitness doesn’t allow this as an excuse to not wear a mask anyway and you still have to wear one.

    Also, the new policy at Planet Fitness requires that you carry the big heavy bottle of cleaner with you and clean your machines as you go. You were always supposed to clean your machine and towels were provided at cleaning stations throughout the club. I don’t have an issue with that, but I do with carrying around the heavy bottle, plus my own water bottle. And the bottle, if you drop it accidentally, comes apart and makes a huge mess. I have neck injuries and have trouble holding on to things, and I have dropped the stupid bottle twice.

    I have tried to call the corporate office 5 times and have left at least 3 messages. They do not answer their phones and will not call me back to let me voice my concerns! I told them in my message that I would post these complaints everywhere I could find to pot the online and this is to keep my promise. I am looking into other gyms. I may stay at Planet Fitness if I can get them to address my concerns, but only because they are the least expensive gym. Just know what you are getting into if you join this gym.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Price
    • Staff rude
    • Equipment broken
    • Stupid policies

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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