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    • Oct 1, 2020
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    After writing negative reviews, the responses from Carvana told me to contact the normal support number. I gave that another shot. I was met with 50-min wait times to get to regular agents who acted exactly like I wrote in my previous comments.

    After writing more negative reviews, I was contacted and told my calls would be routed to “Executive Resolution". Sure enough, my calls to the same support number had only a 5-minute wait and I was met with people who read the files and followed up on what they said they would do. After a short talk with "Executive Resolution," I was told that their third-party vendor, RegUSA, never even sent my registration to my home state (approx. 4.5 months sitting). The “Executive Resolution” agent refunded my registration fees and got me new temporary plates. When he pressed the vendor, it took a week, but they sent my paperwork in and my state processed it in another week.

    After 5 months of waiting, I now have my tag title and registration. I understand that COVID caused delays, but this issue was completely internal to Carvana, their support agents not having an easy way to review previous issues and their decision to use third-party registration vendors. It had nothing to do with virus delays. I hope that Carvana has fixed their internal processes so no one has to go through this silliness again. As of right now, I would only purchase through Carvana again if I could handle the registration myself.

    TLDR: Buying a car was easy and smooth. Registration was a Carvana caused nightmare that only “Executive Resolution” agents could solve. Be very wary of their “Registration Team”, they are not part of Carvana, they are third-party companies that do not communicate well with Carvana. Plus one star, up to three total, for the "Executive Resolution" team fixing the issue.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Oct 6, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback regarding your Carvana experience. Please accept our apologies for any undue inconvenience while attempting to speak with our Advocates. We have been experiencing an increase in our call volume, which has resulted in longer than normal wait times. Carvana prides itself on transparency and expects all Advocates to convey clear and concise next steps to our customers to address any questions or concerns. Additionally, Carvana has a chat feature on our website that allows for a quicker response. In the event you are having difficulty reaching out via phone, our chat feature can be utilized to express the need for urgency regarding your questions and concerns. We appreciate your patience as we continue to resolve our extended hold times.

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    • Aug 25, 2020

    Great purchase, terrible service

    The post-buying registration process has been a nightmare. The car buying process was smooth and fantastic, and we love the vehicle. Two stars for a great start. If you buy from Carvana, and have any sort of non-standard registration situation, save yourself a series of headaches and register the vehicle yourself.

    I am in the military and we purchased a new vehicle in April, months before a known move. I planned to register the vehicle in my home state. Since we were moving I asked for the registration and plates to be sent to my home state. It is now mid-August, and I have made 4-hour plus phone calls since I started counting, and I have a text support chain that goes back to April with my requests.

    Each time I call or text, the agent is extremely polite, but tells me a different story about where my registration is. I have confirmations from May that my registration was sent to the DMV, but I have emails from later that state they need more info and haven’t sent it.

    Each customer service agent seems unaware of statements that previous ones made (phone or text). My latest text conversation resulted in an agent telling me that my registration would be sent to the house that we moved away from a month ago, and they have stopped responding.

    I am at my wit’s end. The standard response that I now get is that they are waiting for confirmation from their registration team (a third-party vendor). My temporary tags are long expired and I am only saved by the legislature of my home state passing laws to help people like me by extending temp tags. I fully understand that COVID has caused delays, but it has been months and Carvana never sends out updates. I always have to reach out, and the conversations usually end with a "we are waiting on our registration team", or we will send you an update email. The update never comes.

    • Aug 27, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you so much for this honest review of your recent purchase with us. We appreciate all feedback and apologize we did not surpass your buying experience expectations. We genuinely understand your frustration with the repeated delays in your registration. Carvana works tirelessly to prevent any possible delays with registration, but we understand at times we will drop the ball. Carvana would be happy to look into this matter deeper, but unfortunately, we are unable to locate your account. Please reach out to us at (800) 333-4554, and we would be happy to assist.

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