Carvana Review: How It Works, Warranty, Financing, Returns

By Zina Kumok
Updated on: Feb 11, 2020

What Is Carvana?

Carvana is one of those ideas that sounds truly futuristic. If the writers of Back to the Future wanted to show Marty McFly buying a car in 2020, they probably would have cooked up something like this.

But like early touch screen devices that barely worked and cheap Bluetooth speakers that never seem to connect, “futuristic” doesn’t always mean “better.” So how exactly does Carvana work, and how does it stack up against the traditional car-buying process?

How It Works

The idea behind Carvana is relatively simple: you see a car, buy it, and receive it. Customers scroll through a selection of vehicles on a phone, choose the one they want, pay for it and choose a pickup option. They can either opt for home delivery or go to one of Carvana’s giant “vending machines”.

The main difference between Carvana and the traditional car-buying process is that you don’t have to go to a dealership and spend hours talking to a salesperson. There’s no negotiating, and most of the important steps happen online.

HighYa staff member J.R. Duren recently used Carvana to buy a car. He said Carvana had reasonable prices, and it was a much easier transaction than going to a dealership.

Car Selection

Like other major car-buying sites, Carvana has a wide selection ranging from the classic Toyota Camry to the impressive Tesla Model X. One significant difference between a car dealership and Carvana is that the latter doesn’t stock new cars. There are many lightly-used vehicles with a few hundred miles or so, but you can’t find a brand new car with only a handful of test-driving miles.

Carvana has gas, hybrid and electric models. Their search system includes filters such as total price, monthly payment, year, mileage, body type, engine and drivetrain.

Additional filters include features like:

  • Rear view camera
  • Blind spot sensors
  • Park assist
  • Keyless ignition
  • Leather interior

When you search for a car, Carvana will ask for your location. Some cars won’t be available near you and will have to be delivered. There may be a delivery fee associated with this. Some cars are available at a vending machine, so you can drive to pick it up without paying a delivery fee.

Because consumers have to pick a car without looking at it in person, Carvana offers a 360-degree view of both the car’s exterior and interior, as well as photos of imperfections such as scratches and dings. Every car that the company sells is accident-free and has gone through a 150-point inspection.

Cost and Financing

Carvana has its own financing department, so you can buy a car and get an auto loan at the same time. Potential customers can pre-qualify to see their interest rate before looking for a vehicle. This only counts as a soft inquiry on a credit report and won’t damage their credit score.

To pre-qualify, Carvana will ask for your name, date of birth, address and annual income. Then you’ll have to provide an email address and password to create an account. By signing up for an account, you agree to receive texts or phone calls from Carvana reps and their financing subsidiaries. Unlike traditional car dealerships, they don’t seem to be overly aggressive in reaching out.

You’ll get an email when the qualification terms are available, which can be found in your account settings under “Financing.” Terms will include the interest rate range, minimum down payment, and maximum loan term. There’s no basic range of interest rates on the Carvana website, so your best bet is to get pre-qualified.

Pre-qualifying may be useful as a baseline to compare to other banks, credit unions, and lenders. You can use the Carvana information to negotiate interest rates with other lenders.

Carvana has no credit score requirement for borrowers, but there is a minimum annual salary of $10,000. They claim to work with all types of credit scores, except for borrowers with bankruptcies on their records.

Carvana does not allow co-signers on auto loans that it initiates. If you use a third-party lender on a Carvana car, you may have a co-signer for that.

If you’re interested in buying a car and want to use outside financing, Carvana recommends that you already be pre-approved or fully approved before choosing a vehicle. They’ll ask for the lender’s information when you select a car, so you’ll need to know how much you were approved for.

What sets Carvana apart is the fixed price on every car. There’s no haggling or going back and forth with a shady salesman. This is a huge advantage for people who hate negotiating, but it’s a drawback for those who love the thrill of getting a good deal.


Like most car dealerships, Carvana accepts trade-ins and applies that value toward the final price. Even if you’re not buying a car, you can still sell your vehicle to Carvana.

First, you’ll input some basic information about the car and get a quote. Like their car-buying process, Carvana does not allow customers to negotiate the trade-in value. If they say your car is worth $2,000, you’ll only get $2,000.

To sell a trade-in, you must live within a local delivery zone. You can find a list of Carvana's locations here.

If you live outside of a local delivery zone, you won’t be eligible to trade your car in. Carvana outsources its long-distance deliveries to a third-party which is not authorized to pick up your vehicle, so all trade-ins must be local. Your only other option is to sell it on Craigslist or at a local dealership.

If you trade in your old car and change your mind about the vehicle purchased through Carvana, you can get the old one back within the seven-day return policy window.

If you have a current loan on a trade-in vehicle, you could run into trouble if the amount you’re getting from Carvana is less than the remaining balance. This is known as being underwater on your loan. You’ll have to pay off the remainder before trading the car in. Paying off your loan may be similar to what most dealerships would require.


Carvana offers a complimentary warranty that’s good for 100 days or 4,189 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty includes roadside assistance and covers basic and powertrain parts. A small copay is due when opening a warranty claim.

The Carvana warranty is much lower than what you can find if you’re buying directly from a dealership, especially on a certified pre-owned vehicle. This is one of the major downsides to the service. Customers can purchase an extended warranty directly from Carvana, as well as gap insurance coverage.

Pick Up and Delivery

Carvana provides free delivery for customers who live in one of Carvana’s local markets, which are located in more than 25 states. Carvana is located all across the country from California to Massachusetts.

They’re also willing to meet in the middle if you live near one of their local markets, but you have to call them directly to arrange this service. It’s not clear from the website how far you would have to travel to pick up the car.

If you can’t meet them halfway, you can also choose to have the car delivered. The delivery fee varies, but is generally between $199 and $1,000 depending on where you live and where the car is coming from.

A third option is to buy a one-way plane ticket to a city with a Carvana vending machine, pick up the car and drive it back. Carvana will reimburse up to $200 for the flight and transport you from the airport to the vending machine. The reimbursement will be sent via check after the seven-day return policy window has closed.

Another major Carvana perk is that they take care of registering the car for you, as long as your state allows it. This can save the buyer a lot of time and hassle, especially if their local DMV branch is poorly-run.

Returning Your Vehicle

Carvana’s return policy allows customers to return a car within seven days. Any down payment will be refunded, but the delivery fee is always non-refundable.

Customers may drive up to 400 miles within the seven-day period, after which they’ll be charged $1 per mile. Carvana won’t accept a vehicle if it’s been modified, damaged, or changed in any way. Any accidents will also negate the return policy.

Shoppers can return the car and exchange it for another, which will also come with a seven-day return policy. Carvana allows customers to return a car up to three times, but the third vehicle will not come with a return policy.

The Bottom Line

Carvana’s appeal is simple: you can buy a car without talking to a salesperson. Anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend at the dealership or who feels uncomfortable talking to salesmen may prefer this remote car-buying experience.

It’s wise to get your own financing offers at a bank or credit union instead of blindly accepting Carvana’s terms. You never know what kind of interest rate a different lender may offer, and the difference could save you hundreds.

If you’re the type of person who loves negotiating and doesn’t mind spending hours shopping for a better price, you’re likely to get a lower price by looking at local dealerships and making them compete for your business.

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  • Carvana sells repaired and repainted cars as perfect!

    • By Tom D.,
    • Columbus, OH,
    • Sep 15, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    • Length of Use: 3–6 months
    Overall Experience:

    Carvana has a slick buying experience and delivery to your home. Plus a 7-day guarantee. All this is great if the car in their touted technically superior pictures is accurate. Plus their inspection process and informing you of defects 100% accurately. Many are happy. Mine was a complete disaster. Pictures showed a show-room high shine and listed as 3 minor imperfections - which I agree were minor on the car. However, Carvana did not inform that the hood, 2 fenders, and 2 doors had been repaired and repainted - poorly. Plus the bumper was missing a huge piece and had a 5″ tear. Oh, and 20+ other imperfections. Paint over-spray all over the car. I had two separate body shops validate and estimated $7K to repair and repaint.

    Customer service is a joke. Once you have the car delivered and file a complaint, you will sit on hold for hours and advocates are powerless robots on the other end. I tried to work with Carvana. I uploaded 70+ pictures, 3-word documents explaining and the two body shop estimates. Promised 3 times a leader/manager would call back - nothing. No apology at all. Buck up and try a local dealer. You can view online, haggle online, and go drive/see the car. Plus an actual human to discuss any issues. Plus still waiting for Carvana to return my funds - they said maybe in 15 days! They delivered the car on a Saturday and removed funds on the following Monday.

    Pros and Cons:

    • They game my money back finally
    • That I never have to deal with ever again
    • Carvana is a modern day used car scam company
    • Carvana pictures are so enhanced and BS
    • Carvana Inspection and car cleaning are worthless

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Sep 17, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Here at Carvana, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and are disheartened to hear this was not your experience. Our goal is to provide customers with an exceptional car-buying process coupled with high-quality pre-owned cars. Since we sell pre-owned vehicles, additional wear can be expected from their years on the road. With that being said we do our best to annotate the most significant imperfections in our 360-degree tour on our website and as well as completing a 150-point inspection on every car to ensure it meets our high standards. We are truly sorry that your vehicle arrived with more wear than anticipated, and that we recognize your experience does not reflect the convenience and ease that we hope to provide for every customer. After further review of your account, it looks as though you were able to get in contact with an Advocate from our Post-Sale Team to have your concerns resolved. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (800) 333-4554 as we will be more than happy to assist.

  • Great purchase, terrible service

    • By Rob A.,
    • Michigan,
    • Aug 25, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    • Length of Use: 3–6 months
    Overall Experience:

    The post-buying registration process has been a nightmare. The car buying process was smooth and fantastic, and we love the vehicle. Two stars for a great start. If you buy from Carvana, and have any sort of non-standard registration situation, save yourself a series of headaches and register the vehicle yourself.

    I am in the military and we purchased a new vehicle in April, months before a known move. I planned to register the vehicle in my home state. Since we were moving I asked for the registration and plates to be sent to my home state. It is now mid-August, and I have made 4-hour plus phone calls since I started counting, and I have a text support chain that goes back to April with my requests.

    Each time I call or text, the agent is extremely polite, but tells me a different story about where my registration is. I have confirmations from May that my registration was sent to the DMV, but I have emails from later that state they need more info and haven’t sent it.

    Each customer service agent seems unaware of statements that previous ones made (phone or text). My latest text conversation resulted in an agent telling me that my registration would be sent to the house that we moved away from a month ago, and they have stopped responding.

    I am at my wit’s end. The standard response that I now get is that they are waiting for confirmation from their registration team (a third-party vendor). My temporary tags are long expired and I am only saved by the legislature of my home state passing laws to help people like me by extending temp tags. I fully understand that COVID has caused delays, but it has been months and Carvana never sends out updates. I always have to reach out, and the conversations usually end with a "we are waiting on our registration team", or we will send you an update email. The update never comes.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Purchasing experience was smooth
    • Car was as described
    • Finding a car was extremely simple
    • Customer service is extremely hard to reach
    • Each customer service agent has almost no knowledge of what was talked about before
    • Their "registration team" is a third party company with zero transparency into the registration process

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Aug 27, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you so much for this honest review of your recent purchase with us. We appreciate all feedback and apologize we did not surpass your buying experience expectations. We genuinely understand your frustration with the repeated delays in your registration. Carvana works tirelessly to prevent any possible delays with registration, but we understand at times we will drop the ball. Carvana would be happy to look into this matter deeper, but unfortunately, we are unable to locate your account. Please reach out to us at (800) 333-4554, and we would be happy to assist.

  • Horrible registration process

    • By Justin K.,
    • Orlando, FL,
    • Aug 23, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    • Length of Use: 3–6 months
    Overall Experience:

    Bought a car from Carvana, which was smooth. My temporary tag expired on June 30th and it’s August 20 and I STILL have not received my actual license plate and registration for my vehicle, which I was supposed to get BEFORE my temp tag expired, or at least a few days after. Talked to Carvana and all they could tell me is "it’s processing." For over a month it's processing?! Anyways, yeah, avoid buying a car from them if you have the option. Also, I’ve looked up online if other people have had this same issue with their registration process and yes, many people have. So it’s clearly an issue with Carvana.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Delivery
    • Options
    • Registration process
    • Customer service
    • Registration process

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Aug 25, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your honest review. It is truly disappointing to know that your experience has been less than ideal with us, as transparency is absolutely paramount to the overall customer experience. We truly apologize for the delay with your registration as we know the inconvenience it creates. After reviewing your account, we see you have been working with our Inside Advocates to assist in addressing and resolving your concerns. Please contact us at (800) 333-4554 should you need immediate assistance.

  • Updated review

    Update #1

    • By Chris V.,
    • Southern California,
    • Jul 30, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I've gotten a couple of text messages and emails from Carvana saying the re-scheduled delivery is on time and I should have my ID and insurance card ready for the delivery. BUT THEN...I get a call from them and guess what? The car is still in New Jersey. I am in California. The text messages and emails were obviously sent without anyone actually confirming them.

    The breakdown:

    Delivery attempt #1 - Carvana fail.

    Delivery attempt #2 - Carvana fail.

    Delivery attempt #3 - I would be an idiot to allow this to continue.

    As stated previously; I wish I had never started this deal with Carvana.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Shiny website
    • Delivery team
    • Customer support

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Aug 4, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      We appreciate you sharing your concerns and experience with us. Carvana strives to provide a streamlined and enjoyable car buying experience for each and every customer. We apologize that your experience has not followed our standards. Our teams work relentlessly to prevent delays in delivering your vehicle to you, as we know this can cause frustration, which is never our intention. After reviewing our database, we are unable to locate your account in order to assist you in the best manner possible. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, so please feel free to contact us at (800) 333-4554 for our Advocates to resolve the delay.

    • Previous review
    • Jul 28, 2020

    Delayed delivery and no humans available to help?

    After stewing over this for a few days, I’ve come to the conclusion that Carvana has simply built a better mousetrap.

    The product is identical to all other dealers. Carvana thinks they’re separating themselves from competitors by doing the deal completely online and I’ll admit they’ve done a decent job. EXCEPT...I haven’t gotten my car and have no idea if I’ll ever get it. That’s a major screw up if you’re a CAR DEALERSHIP.

    Like many other negative reviews, I’m getting a vague statement that my vehicle "missed the transport" rig headed to my area. When I inquire about more details their chatbot says no humans are available after hours.’s 10 am.

    Any time/effort you think you’re saving at Carvana will be wasted by their process that starts after you sign the contract. They’re great at getting the contract signed but buffoons when it actually matters.

    I’ve rescheduled the delivery and re-signed contracts but have yet to receive any direct human communication that my vehicle will be delivered on their second attempt.

    I wish I had never started this deal with Carvana.

    • Jul 30, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      We truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to provide us with feedback. Carvana strives for every customer to have an easy and streamlined experience, though it seems we have fallen short. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this unforeseen delay may have caused, as we understand your time is valuable. Our team always works as diligently as possible to ensure that vehicles are transported and delivered on time, but unforeseen circumstances can occur. Based on the information provided, we are unable to locate your account to further address your concerns. We love the opportunity to resolve the delay for your vehicle, so we encourage you to reach out to our Delivery Resolution Team at (800) 333-4554.

    (read moreread less...)

  • Terrible customer service, nightmare registration

    • By David K.,
    • Eureka, CA,
    • Jul 27, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    • Length of Use: Less than 3 months
    Overall Experience:

    Absolutely horrendous experience trying to get the car registered and the customer service is absolutely terrible. I've spent hours and hours on hold or waiting in their webchat. They consistently do not directly answer questions or provide solutions and then just leave the webchat. I purchased the car and had it delivered in NM but needed to register in California. When I bought the car they told me I would have to drive to California for a smog inspection when things re-open (due to COVID). When receiving the car, I was told I would also need a VIN inspection but that I could do that in NM. After attempting to do that at the local motor vehicles department, I was told I also had to do it in CA. Since I had to go for the smog test anyway, I was OK with that and planned to make the drive (10 hours each way) once the services opened. I started getting tons of emails every day from Carvana about potential fees and fines if I didn't get the registration documents. It took hours on hold and multiple web chat sessions for them to acknowledge and confirm that I could wait until the DMV was open in California.

    As soon as it did reopen, I drove to California and completed the inspections. According to the website, the smog test could be scanned and uploaded and they needed the original copy of the VIN inspection mailed. I did both and I sent the VIN inspection using the prepaid envelope they sent. The VIN inspection has been lost in the mail for weeks and they have no tracking information on the label they sent. The customer service keeps blaming me for not recording the tracking number. Now I am going to have to drive back to California for another VIN inspection. But the worst part is their customer service continually provides wrong or inconsistent information, makes you wait in very long queues, and does not acknowledge your issues or complaints. I suspect it's semi-automated even once you get past the part that is openly automated because they often just repeat the same few lines even when you ask for more details or explain something further. I would strongly suggest avoiding this company!

    Pros and Cons:

    • I like the car itself
    • Bad communication
    • Long wait times
    • Misinformation, indirect responses, no solutions to problems
    • Lost critical documents

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jul 28, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      We appreciate you giving us feedback on your recent experience. Carvana aims to change the way people buy cars and we want each experience to be seamless and transparent. We sincerely apologize that you have run into some registration delays and for any miscommunication from our Advocates. During these unprecedented times, we want to make sure each customer experience is exceptional and it seems we may have fallen short on that. It is never our intention to inconvenience our customers or cause any frustrations after receiving your vehicle. We appreciate you doing your due diligence in getting the necessary documents to us, but we are disappointed to hear they did not make it to us. After reviewing your account, we see you have been working with our After-Sale Chat Specialists who are knowledgeable in providing you with the next steps to try and resolve this matter for you. If this method does not work for you, please give us a call at (800) 333-4554 and we would be more than happy to assist you.

  • Don't do it if you have to have a car!

    • By Brian G.,
    • Dover, NH,
    • Jul 20, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    • Length of Use: Less than 3 months
    Overall Experience:

    First, I would have written this on Carvana's site but I never received an opportunity to review in an email and they would not provide one (they have a limited time to review which explains all the high ratings on their site).

    I am at 45 days and no registration and temp from another state expired. I get that COVID closed some state DMVs but in my state (NH) registrations are done at town offices, you never have to go to the state DMV. My town offices have been open since the third week of June and I have registered three cars there since 92 renewals and one purchased mercifully not at Carvana. During my wait, my license on Carvana's file system expired but I had renewed it. I follow my "Dashboard" on Carvana and it says registration materials have been submitted for processing. Several days before temp registration expired I contact customer service to see the status of registrations - after 1 and 1/2 hour wait they say "your license on file expired, we can't submit registration". What, on June 15 my license on file expires and I renew it but nobody from Carvana indicates (until I contact them on July 11) that I need to submit a valid current license. They NEVER would have contacted me.

    Three "advocates," 7 hours waiting, the first one apologizes and says "we should have contacted you" and promises to get back to me in a half an hour - no follow-up from her. Later another "advocate" is nice and sympathetic, promises to see about a rental and guarantees she will contact me on Wednesday when she returns to work. Today, no sympathy, no apologies, my fault because the license had expired, I explain I had a valid one l when I bought the car and it was their delay in processing and in never contacting me that was the problem. No help, "is there anything else I can help you with today" is all I get.

    I have a car I can't drive 45 days after buying it and nobody will even tell me if they got the uploaded current license let alone if it will be another 45 days before I can. No help, customer service "advocates" are a joke - I will be posting the entire transcript of my conversations with the "advocates" so people can see how little help and clueless they are - basically, they (well 2 out of 3) try to be sympathetic without actually doing anything to help.

    If you need a car PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use Carvana because you will be stuck as many of the reviews on this site note. DO NOT USE REVIEWS ON CARVANA, THEY ALL WERE REQUIRED TO BE WRITTEN BEFORE REGISTRATION ISSUES DEVELOP.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Easy to pick a vehicle
    • Relatively easy purchase process
    • I can't drive a car I bought 45 days ago, nice lawn ornament, what is not to like?
    • Completely unhelpful "advocates" in customer service

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jul 24, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      We very much appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your recent registration frustrations. It is imperative that we are establishing a clear line of communication and reaching back to you to obtain updated documentation if necessary. We are terribly sorry for the lack of communication and please know that this feedback will be provided to the proper teams as a learning opportunity. Although we always desire the completion of the registration to be fast and smooth, sometimes things do not always happen that way, and it is in those times we try our very best to take ownership and remedy the situation. We are very sorry you have been affected in this manner. In researching your account we see one of our Specialists has reached out to you to provide you a contact liaison to work on this with you to completion. Thank you very much for your continued patience as we value your time and business. Should you need immediate assistance, please call us at (800) 333-4554 to be routed to the proper department.

  • Waiting for a car that never showed up

    • By Grace V.,
    • Pittsburgh, PA,
    • Jul 16, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    First, I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with one of Carvana's "customer advocates". Half the time I spent on hold while the "advocate" was on hold with my bank to get information I already provided in the paperwork I sent.

    After that draining wait, the advocate said everything was all set and went through. He confirmed the car's delivery. However, 12 days later and it's the scheduled delivery time, but no car.

    After waiting on hold for 40 minutes, the advocate told me that an "underwriter" went in and unapproved me for the vehicle. An underwriter that had nothing to do with my account or ever spoke with me. The advocate said there was no reason for the underwriter to do this and that it was an error on Carvana's part.

    The car I researched, reserved, and put on my loan application, was pending for another person to buy it. The worst part is instead of Carvana reaching out and admitting to the other customer it was already reserved, they told me there was nothing they could do. Which is ridiculous because the other person hadn't even filled out the paperwork or decided yet if they actually wanted the car.

    The sale could have easily been stopped by Carvana. They claimed it wasn't possible to do that in their system. This is inaccurate due to the fact that an employee literally just did it to me. So now they can't stop a sale, which isn't even confirmed yet, when some random underwriter stopped my sale that was officially approved?

    I requested to speak to a manager, but it's nearly impossible. The advocate said her manager wasn't available. Which made no sense to me since the advocate kept putting me on hold because she said she needed to ask the exact same manager I wanted to speak to.

    IN SHORT: if any mistake happens on their end, you'll be screwed in terms of getting any decent customer service. And if something is slightly unique or different about your paperwork, get ready to spend over an hour on the phone.

    I spent almost 2 weeks excited and waiting for a car that was taken from me only a few days after I was approved. There was no reasoning, no attempt by Carvana to make it right, and I was never contacted that my car wasn't ever going to show up. I never write reviews, good or bad, but I did for the first time because that's how bad my experience with Carvana was.

    Pros and Cons:

    • No “pros” were specified in this review
    • Lack of transparency
    • Unorganized with paperwork
    • Poor customer service

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jul 23, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Carvana values your time, so we truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to provide us with feedback. We strive for every customer to have a seamless and streamlined experience, so it is disappointing to hear about your experience, and for that, we apologize for the inconvenience. Our Verification Specialists work diligently to ensure all necessary documents have been received per state requirements. In the event additional documents are needed, our team is required to reach out and provide a deadline to ensure the logistics timeline is met to deliver your vehicle. After reviewing your account, we do see that we advised an alternate solution for you to purchase a vehicle successfully through Carvana. Please feel free to contact us at (800) 333-4554 or utilize our 24-hour chat services.

  • Great idea but falls short

    • By Nicholas S.,
    • Florida,
    • Jun 3, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    • Length of Use: Less than 3 months
    Overall Experience:

    Purchased a 2013 Passat TDI (think "Dieselgate" bargain) and loved the car. However, it turned out to have hidden rust, so I returned it within the 7 days and received a full refund, as promised. HOWEVER, from the moment my order was confirmed via email, until the day our dealings were done when the refund hit my bank account, I never received another email or text or call advising me of the status of my pickup, my subsequent return (160 miles away so need to know we are on the same page to avoid driving over there for nothing), or refund. I never knew where I stood with them. Chatting and calling got me long wait times and vague general answers not specific to my transaction. When I returned the car, I actually had to ask for a copy of the return agreement. Carvana would have sent me on my way with nothing to prove I even returned the car!

    Pros and Cons:

    • Online garage and purchase process
    • Lack of communication

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jun 4, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience with us. At Carvana, we aim to provide our customers with pre-owned vehicles in great condition, which have met Carvana standards through our 150-point inspection. We are sorry to hear that you have had issues with your vehicle so soon after taking delivery. Carvana apologizes as this was not the experience we wished to provide and can assure you that we will notify the proper teams to better improve our process. Although your experience was not what we had hoped, we are happy to hear you were able to take advantage of our 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee to return your vehicle. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns at (800) 333-4554.

  • BAD

    • By Rodrick H.,
    • Indiana,
    • May 5, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    They delivered a wrecked car to me and I reported it once I realized the issue. They had me take it to a certified dealer. Then when it was ready to approve the fix on my car they denied it saying I never reported the issue in the first 7 days. I have did not have my $12K car for the first 6 weeks. Now I'm paying on a $12K car that is wrecked.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • May 6, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for leaving this thoughtful review. We are saddened to hear that you are enduring cosmetic issues with your vehicle. All of our vehicles are put through a rigorous 150-point inspection to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. If you are not happy with your vehicle choice, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. After reviewing your account, it looks as though we have attempted to communicate with you regarding this matter but have not been able to fully resolve it. Please give us a call at (800) 333-4554 for further assistance.

  • Updated review


    • By Rick S.,
    • Winchester, CA,
    • May 1, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    It took a bit, but Carvana reached out and did help me resolve my issue. There are pros and cons associated with doing business with them. Work needs to be done on the backend, the logistics of getting someone a car that meets their needs after the order is placed, but the front end is a lot better than dealing with shady car dealers. Moving my rating up 2 points to a 3.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • May 5, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for giving us insight into your recent Carvana experience. We are pleased to hear that your issues were rectified, but are disheartened to hear about the challenges that were faced when going through our purchase process. As a company, we strive to completely change the car buying experience by being able to provide an easy, user-friendly website, along with a seamless online experience when searching through our vehicles. Honest feedback allows us to take action on improving our process and full responsibility for the errors made on our behalf. To ensure pristine customer service, we do utilize all and any feedback provided. Our advocates are here as a resource for you, should you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us at (800) 333-4554.

    • Previous review
    • Apr 21, 2020


    Carvana has reached out to me personally to resolve my issue. Points for that. If things work out positively I am more than happy to revise my review.

    (read moreread less...)
    • Previous review
    • Apr 17, 2020


    Carvana's reply to my review below comes across as disingenuous at best. You reference a 150-point inspection prior to selling any car. Must be no more than a cursory look-see, otherwise, how can you explain the level of repair that was required for my car? Further, you reference your 100 Day/4189 mile complimentary warranty as if I somehow overlooked it. Your warranty company (Silver Rock) would not cover it. You consider brakes assemblies as "replaceable." How is it that I'm telling you this, instead of the other way around?

    Doubling down: BUYER BEWARE. These people are shysters.

    • Apr 20, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for following up on your recent review and concerns. We apologize for the mechanical issues you are currently enduring, along with issues in working with our third-party warranty company, Silverrock. It is never our intention to inconvenience our customers as we understand your time is important. We were able to locate your account and we are happy to see that you have been in communication with our Leadership Team to address your concerns. If you have any additional questions regarding our resolutions, please feel free to contact us at (800) 333-4554.

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    • Previous review
    • Apr 10, 2020

    Don't do it

    The only easy part was picking the car and getting the financing done. That was a breeze. The rest was one problem after another. Delivery delayed a week. Car missing a front license plate frame (in CA, that's a no-no), then it was several calls to get this taken care of. When I finally did receive the car I noticed rust all over the undercarriage (came from mid-west). I contacted Carvana about this and was told it was just surface rust and that Carvana would never sell a car with embedded rust. Turned out not to be true, as what looked like surface rust on the brake assemblies turned into a $1200 job that Silver Rock would not cover. Rust was so prevalent I had to replace all rotors and brake pads. The mechanic told me calipers might need to be replaced as well. Carvana did give me the option to take it to a mechanic before I finalized purchase but there is no way he would have seen the carnage unless he pulled all the assemblies apart to inspect.

    Buyer beware. Just because it looks like a great deal doesn't make it so.

    • Apr 13, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for reaching out regarding your most recent purchase with Carvana. We appreciate your feedback and utilize it in a number of ways, all in an effort to maintain the level of customer service we strive to provide with every experience. At Carvana, we conduct a 150-point inspection to ensure our inventory meets our high-quality standards. In the event that there are any unforeseen issues that arise following your delivery, we provide a complimentary 100-day/4,189-mile warranty to help with failing mechanical concerns. We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you. Please feel free to reach out if you still are enduring issues with the mechanical concerns of your vehicle at (800) 333-4554.

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  • Buyer beware

    • By Andrew I.,
    • Atlanta, GA,
    • Apr 30, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Do not buy a car from them! I spent almost $40,000 on a used Porsche Boxster. I had it for less than two months, and the driver’s door jam separated from the panel. This is all under their 100-day warranty. I took it to Porsche, and it ended up needing a new door panel, and would cost $3,500 to repair. They called in the repair (to try to get it covered), and of course Carvana said that this is cosmetic, and was not covered. Absolutely useless and I am beyond disappointed. I will never buy a car from them again, and I advise you to use a dealer, that will cover and actually back up the quality of their vehicles.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • May 1, 2020

      Company Response from Carvana

      Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your feedback with us. Carvana aims to provide customers with an exceptional car-buying process coupled with high-quality pre-owned cars. It is our goal to offer transparency to our customers and we do our best to annotate the most noticeable imperfections on each vehicle. We recognize that this process is subjective and for this reason, we offer assistance from our repair team for any after-sale concerns. It is never our intent to burden customers with our repair process and we are sorry that you have been made to feel this way. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (800) 333-4554 if you have any further questions or concerns.

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