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    • Oct 26, 2020
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    Where is my money?

    • Length of Use: 2+ years
    Overall Experience:

    This has been the worst experience I’ve had in regards to customer service.

    I received my Invisalign and everything was great until I no longer had a use for it and they informed me I would be able to send the ones I didn’t use back and get refunded. So I called almost 4 months ago to receive a refund in exchange for the Invisalign I was no longer using. I confirmed with the operator that they would refund me back the money on my card. A few days pass and I see no refund. I call back and they tell me they’ve put it on my OLD card even though I told them it was inactive. They informed me their policy is to put it on the card that I purchased the Invisalign with. So even though it told them that card was inactive and I was paying them with a NEW card I had for months, they still chose to put it on the old card. Which I had no idea they were going to do. I assumed they would put it on my current card that I had been paying them monthly for months.

    They told me I must speak to my bank to confirm I did not receive the payment. So I did. Back and forth for 3 months with SmileDirect because of their mistake. So many lies spewing out of their mouths. Probably 10 different people I spoke to. Telling me they would refund me on my current card. Once again, still no refund.

    I call back to let them know I see no refund STILL. At this point, I’m so frustrated that I’m just crying on the phone. Finally, they tell me they will Venmo it to me. I’m so happy and I thank them for everything. A few days pass, and nothing. No refund. I call them back and they tell me they have no notes of this Venmo refund. Therefore, it was never processed. Jordan D, supposedly a Supervisor in the resolution department, then told me my issue was that my card was inactive...something I figured out and thought to be corrected weeks ago with them. I asked to speak to someone above him because he clearly was lost and only had information from about a month ago and he told me I need to wait 48 hours for someone higher than him to call back. He was not able to give me his last name or tell me what happened to my information with the Venmo account I gave them a week prior. He also said he doesn’t have a supervisor number, which I found odd, so I just got Jordan D, he said he’s the only Jordan there so if I speak on our conversation to a manager they would know who he was.

    So everyone I have spoken to has done nothing but lie to me about my refund and gave me the runaround. They kept saying they have spoken to their manager and higher ups and my refund will be here soon over and over again but I have nothing. No money back from them. No Invisalign. Absolutely nothing. Now I have to email and contact more people for a simple refund back from them that I truly believe will never come because all they do is lie about giving back the money. This is by far the worst experience out of every company I have ever purchased anything from. No one at this company either is genuine or truthful that I have spoken to, or simply are not qualified or trained in the jobs that they are obtaining. They are all over their places with notes and communication with each other and their customers. My husband and I are appalled at the level of incompetence displayed by many of the staff members. I just want my money back and for their staff to be properly trained. This is truly an embarrassment to the company and I hope they screen and hire more qualified and competent people to address any situations or issues at hand.

    Pros and Cons:

    • No “pros” were specified in this review
    • Terrible vertical and horizontal communication
    • Knowledge level
    • Reliability

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Oct 27, 2020

      Company Response from Smile Direct Club

      Hi Elicia, thank you for taking the time to leave us with this feedback and provide us with this information. We are concerned to hear this as we want to help all club members to have a comfortable and easy process with any request. In order for us to further assist, please reach out to us directly at reviews@smiledirectclub.com. Best, Jeff.

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