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    • Jan 13, 2021
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    Noom Diet

    Underwhelming and bordering on scam

    • Length of Use: Less than 3 months
    Overall Experience:

    Their marketing approach has certainly served them well...

    Because this app was nothing but a list of cutesie articles consisting of very basic information on weight loss and calorie input and output (which you can find with a basic google search and most people know about already).

    Their supposed “psychological approach” is the biggest overstatement and probably the biggest deception in their marketing approach as it’s what lures people in with all their wonderful tv commercials, but does not deliver. The self coaches appear to be bots, and if they’re not, that really is testament to how little knowledge they actually have about what their supposedly guiding people on. My few coaches were short in response, provided no insight, or didn’t respond at all. There is no doubt that at least some of the responses were automated.

    The whole function of the program is based upon calories in vs calories out, which is the premise of ALL weight loss programs. It’s based on a points system (like Weight Watchers), except they use colours instead of points. Red: high cal (eat the least of), yellow: mid cal (eat less of), green: low cal (eat most of). more low calorie vegetables than other higher cal foods (which everybody knows). So nothing ground breaking there at all. And it can be an anxiety inducing system (particularly for people with former eating disorders or people who have anxiety around food from years of dieting, as I’d imagine many people using this app would be). The reason I say this is the labelling of foods and the lack of consideration for nutrient quality over quantity. The colour system places value on foods whether that’s what Noom developers are trying to do or not, and you end up opting for a lower nutrient food item over a higher fat, whole food item, just because that whole food item falls in the red category which had a much smaller allotment.

    The food database is terrible, and given this is basically all the app is (a glorified calorie tracker), I have to encourage you to use other calorie counting apps. MyFitnessPal or Lose It! have very extensive databases and are far more economical. They’re the ones I’ve tried. I’m sure there are many others. Some are more personalised and offer more info and handy tips for weight loss as well as the calorie counting component. Essentially, what you’re paying for with Noom.

    Based on everything I’ve said, I gotta say...the price for what you get is exorbitant.

    I can’t drive home enough how appalling the supposed support from the coaches is and hard "psychology". As this is their hugest selling point and why I say it borders on being a scam because it’s such deceptive advertising. Many customers have reported being greeted by and responded to by bot instead of a human coach...the absolute biggest let down of the service.

    Noom are currently facing a class action lawsuit because they have illegally charged thousands of people for membership costs, who have not agreed to doing so beyond the trial period. They’ve also continued to charge thousands of people after they’ve seemingly successfully cancelled or turned off auto pay, and they make it incredibly difficult for you to cancel your membership in the first place.

    Please, if you are considering using this application, don’t. You won’t find anything on here that you can’t find by doing a quick Google search and using a number of other free or minimal cost calorie counting apps.

    Pros and Cons:

    • No “pros” were specified in this review
    • Deceptive advertising
    • Not an original idea
    • Expensive

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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