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    • May 3, 2016
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    A program that works, with outstanding supplements

    Overall Experience:

    I am a believer in BioTrust, it's system and products.

    This path to belief began with an email I received from BioTrust regarding their "One Day Diet" program. I had been slowly gaining weight for a number of years, and was at 249 lbs, was wearing 2XL shirts and 40" waist pants. So I decided that I give it a try, knowing with the money back guarantee it was a low risk test.

    I set a goal to get to 185 lbs, which is what I weighed when I graduated high school (I am now 60). I have never been much of a dieter, I don't like vegetables, and generally love carbs. So the idea of 2 smoothies and a dinner with meat and either sweet potatoes or beans, sounded like something I could do (these are the general parameters of the One Day Diet). Plus the one cheat day a week, and one cheat week a month being a integral part of the program sealed the deal

    So I ordered the Low Carb Protein Powder and Belly Trim and started the process. I lost 20 lbs pretty quickly, in about 6 weeks. I got down below 200 lbs (down 49 lbs) in about 7 months.

    At the point I reached 200 I began to use the Bio-Trust Forum and the coaching provided therein. This is one of the things I wished I could have done over, I should have started using the Forum immediately.

    Back to the saga, so at 200 lbs, with input from the coaches, I added ProX10 and the Omega Krill, and swapped the Belly Trim for Metabo 379 and continued to follow the One Day Diet Plan.

    Recently, I achieved my initial goal of 185 lbs. I now wear Large shirts and wear 34" waist pants. This was after 88 weeks on the One Day Diet program.

    I fully expect that to maintain my weight at this level, I will have to continue the One Day Diet for a number of days every month (part time). This is because I find it easier and healthier for me to do this rather than trying to modify my "normal diet" to something that would support maintaining this weight.

    After all, I still love fried food, pie and ice cream, (which I partake of on cheat days and cheat weeks) and still don't like vegetables, although now I will eat broccoli now and then.

    Hope this helps you to believe as well, I am sure their other programs can be just as effective, so if the One Day Diet doesn't fit you, then take a look at their other programs, use the Forum and Coaching, they are great.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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