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    • May 29, 2021
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    Relief Factor

    Unethical company and a total scam

    • Length of Use: Less than 3 months
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    Like so many others, I suffer from chronic lower back and joint pain and anyone who can relate understands the feeling of desperation that leads to purchasing any and all products claiming to reduce pain on any level. Unfortunately, that desperation tends to make those of us suffering from pain extremely easy targets for unethical scammers like the people behind Relief Factor.

    I made the mistake of ordering the product in the middle of a painful sleepless night. As any of us know, pain has a way of making people vulnerable and susceptible to almost any solution providing a glimmer of hope. There are companies and people out there who provide hopeful solutions because they sincerely believe they can help but I’m entirely convinced that Relief Factor is far from one of those companies. They recognize the vulnerability of people suffering from chronic pain and they take every possible measure to capitalize on the opportunity. Nearly every aspect of the company’s business practices scream SCAM and as obvious as it may be people just like me go out of our way to give them the benefit of the doubt in the hope that our instincts are wrong and that there could actually be relief around the corner.

    As far as the product itself is concerned, other than a fairly unique combination of very common ingredients, there is nothing outstanding about the makeup of Relief Factor. And although a couple of the ingredients MAY aid with the reduction of inflammation, the quality is questionable. In fact, the tumeric used in the product is listed as being vastly inferior to most tumeric products on the market when considering the purity or percentage of curcumin. Yes, I should have done the research before ordering but that’s exactly the behavior this company relies on. And as soon as you make the final purchase click and become another one of their victims, it is very difficult to cancel, get a refund, or just speak with a human who’s remotely willing to assist you.

    Needless to say, Relief Factor is simply a scam. It seems that all they did was throw a weak product together with a couple of common old ingredients and developed a big loud marketing strategy to go fishing for desperate people like me and lock us into paying $80/month for a bag of garbage that probably does more harm than good. Shame on Relief Factor and any celebrity or actor falsely endorsing it. I can almost guarantee that any 5-star reviews were posted by people with a stake in the company. SCAM.

    Pros and Cons:

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    • Price
    • Unethical practices
    • Provided none of advertised benefits

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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