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    • Nov 21, 2021
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    24 Hour Fitness

    Discrimination at its worse

    • Length of Use: 1–2 years
    Overall Experience:

    I am hurt to my core that an employee would label my schizophrenic son "crazy" because he made a mistake and entered the wrong door, which he apologized for. The word "crazy" is a trigger for my sweet and loving son who had an episode as a result of this employee's uncalled-for action. People with mental struggles are not crazy, they are special and endearing but some staff at 24 Hour Fitness see them as targets because they themselves lack compassion and understanding.

    I also noticed that if your skin is not a certain tone or your hair is not blonde, you are frowned upon. "The customer is always right" adage does not apply to these people and you can feel the disdain even from the manager. 24 Hour Fitness staff neglects to understand that if we do not patronize them they will not stay afloat in this tough and uncertain economy. If a customer is upset for a valid reason it does not give staff the right to insult, use racial slurs (as was also done to me on a separate occasion), or laugh at a person for how they look.

    This is a deplorable and very toxic environment and I would strongly recommend anyone to stay clear of this toxic environment. No matter how many endorphins you manage to create, it will be neutralized by these bullies who seem to forget one of the first rules in business, and that would be to smile. Instead, they seek to usurp their authority onto those that are different and seem weak or inferior to them. I cried for my son that day I encountered this treatment as he also cried and said, "Mom, can we please leave now and I never want to come back to this place."

    This is so unfortunate and disheartening for us both. Frankly, I should pursue a lawsuit for the discrimination against my son but no amount of money can erase the image of the tears in my son's eyes as he humbly walked away. You all at 24 Hour Fitness should be ashamed and you need a strong vaccine to fix your superiority complex and your prejudices.

    People, I urge you to enter at your own risk, but don't say I didn't try to warn you.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Thought is was a judgement-free zone
    • Adequate parking
    • Variety of equipment
    • The staff and their lack of understanding
    • Unprofessional and uncouth behavior
    • The manager needs training on customer service to start with
    • You can't make rules and don't hold yourself to the same standards
    • Too many judgement
    • Not enough sanitization available
    • Shower area is hazardous as the floor is always wet
    • Poor management
    • Pushy fitness coaches
    • Closed door policy
    • Unfriendly
    • Discriminatory

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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