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    • Mar 9, 2022
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    Skincell Pro

    Skincell Advanced

    Overall Experience:

    I ordered a product for what I thought was $39 and there was no information showing the total being any different.

    My bank card was charged over $300.

    I emailed them within 5 minutes to cancel my order.

    I went into three live chats and was told the order had already gone through, that it was in the terms (it wasn’t), that it was the American to Australian currency and our tax (utter BS, when their ad was mentioning Australia), and then I was told it was already shipped and too late.

    I said that was not true as I had worked in the buying and inventory dept before at a big retailer and I knew the order wasn’t fully approved yet (or left on a Saturday), and I also said I was contacting my bank and putting in a fraudulent claim.

    I was then emailed and was told I was getting the full refund and I stated that I wanted the full amount that was taken.

    I also said that I had now spoken to my bank and put in a dispute and a fraudulent claim and the bank said it hasn’t been processed yet otherwise I would have disputed it then and there in the app.

    I’m sure that they’re well aware that they may lose their merchant facilities every single time these disputes are raised so they may want to change their ordering process since most of us complaining are doing so about the exact same thing and getting told the same things in the live chat – that it’s in American dollar when the company info I saw was all about Australia, that we agreed in the terms and conditions (which we didn’t). And some other customers also seem to receive more products in the following months that they didn’t order or want because the company signed them up automatically.

    Every unsatisfied customer tells at least 100 people, satisfied customers tell 10 people, so good business practice entails limiting the complaints and maximizing happy customers so if they were doing things the right way then they wouldn’t need to behave this way.

    Pros and Cons:

    • No “pros” were specified in this review
    • False advertising
    • Lack of customer service, making the complaints process harder than it should be
    • Lying re what I had ordered

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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