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    • Apr 23, 2022
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    GOLO Diet

    Horrible hot flashes

    • Length of Use: 3–6 months
    Overall Experience:

    Ever since starting GOLO, I have had unbelievable horrible hot flashes. Yes, I am following the diet and exercise recommendations. There is a private group on Facebook that they recommend you join to see others' stories and to get advice. I asked if others got hot flashes and if they got better. The moderator posted my question, but then deleted comments and stopped others from commenting.

    That is not a good look GOLO! This company seems extremely scammy. Just look at the response others have gotten in the reviews on this page. It's actually quite disgusting. I will be getting my money back because the hot flashes are just not worth it. Especially if hot flashes are very common, but we are not allowed to talk about them or anything negative. Stay far away from this dangerous pill.

    Pros and Cons:

    • No “pros” were specified in this review
    • Hot flashes
    • Shaky nervous feeling
    • Irritable
    • Private Facebook group scam

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 26, 2022

      Company Response from Golo, LLC

      Hi Jessica! I am sorry that you feel that you had a bad experience in our private Facebook group. Because this group is a GOLO managed page, we cannot allow discussions that give medical advice. This is the reason that the comments were turned off on your post after the GOLO answer was given. We do this to keep our members safe. I can give you more information about hot flashes during weight loss, but we always recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider to discuss your personal situation. Hot flashes are most common in women before, during, and after menopause. There is evidence that they are a result of hormonal changes in the body. According to various studies - obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other health problems are thought to increase incidences of hot flashes. As you are losing weight with any program, and your hormones adjust, there is a chance that you might notice a difference in your hot flashes. Most of our customers report that the hot flashes they had before starting GOLO are less frequent or less severe than they were before starting the program. We have had some people in our group mention that they had an adjustment period where they saw an increase in the beginning and then a significant decrease. Everyone’s body and hormones are very different and can react in different ways. I wouldn’t say that hot flashes are common with GOLO, but they are very common in women over 50 who are hoping to lose weight. A large percentage of our customers fall into this category. GOLO is proud to have helped countless people gain control of their weight and health with our program but we do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you have decided that our program is not right for you, simply send an email to and we will send you the directions to return for a full refund. Jamie, GOLO Life Coach, CPC

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