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    • Jun 2, 2022
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    GOLO Diet

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    I haven’t lost anything. I have been eating healthy and I haven’t lost a pound. My tummy is bloated all the time and I’m experiencing hot flashes. Is that normal? I haven’t talked to anyone yet.

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    • Jun 7, 2022

      Company Response from Golo, LLC

      Hi Samantha,

      I am sorry that you are not seeing the results that you were hoping for. When followed as directed, most customers report seeing results sometime between the 2nd and 4th week. I highly recommend that you contact us so that we can discuss with you in more detail. Without knowing how long you have been on the plan, what you were eating, and a few other factors, it is difficult to know why you have not seen results. Eating healthy is good, but following the instructions listed in the GOLO for Life plan that came with your package is most important.

      Commonly, when people are not losing weight, we find that they are simply not eating enough. We have been fooled into thinking that we have to starve to lose weight but this is not true. Eating too little can put your body into starvation mode and further slow your metabolism.

      GOLO is not a quick fix, fad diet but rather one that will work to get your metabolism back in balance so that you can lose weight effectively. Depending on how you ate before and past dieting efforts, it may take a bit of time to get everything back into balance before you start seeing results on the scale. But that balance is the key to losing, getting healthy and maintaining long term. Some ways that you know that the plan is starting to work for you is if you have more energy or are sleeping better.

      Hot flashes are most common in women before, during and after menopause. There is evidence that they are a result of hormonal changes in the body. According to various studies - obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other health problems are thought to increase incidences of hot flashes. As you are losing weight with any program, and your hormones adjust, there is a chance that you might notice a difference in your hot flashes. Most of our customers report that the hot flashes they had before starting GOLO are less frequent or less severe than they were before starting the program. However, we have had some customers mention that they noticed an adjustment period where they saw an increase in the beginning and then a significant decrease. Everyone’s body and hormones are very different and can react in different ways. I wouldn’t say that hot flashes are ‘normal’ with GOLO, but they are very common in women over 50 who are hoping to lose weight.

      GOLO offers free coaching to all of our customers. If you are interested in talking to a coach, please reach out to customer support at or 1-800-730-4656.

      Jamie, GOLO Life Coach, CPC

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