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    • Jun 2, 2016
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    Proactiv Plus

    Bad reaction to 'new' Proactiv+

    Overall Experience:

    I used the original Proactiv skincare system for a few years with good success. After years of spot related problems into my late 40's I was happy. No side effects. Then the new Proactiv+ replaced the original system and I had no alternative but to try, as the old system was to be made obsolete according to my enquiries on their helpline. This is when my problems started.

    I had no instant reaction to the new product. I did not like the texture of the new cleanser or the new moisturizer.

    A few months later problems started that I did not initially connect to Proactiv+. Dermatitis started under my eyes. Lips started to feel dry. My eyes started to feel sore & dry. As the months went by I visited the doctors 3 or 4 times as the situation got worse. My lips cracked and peeled. On occasions bled. Dermatitis was treated with steroid cream but came back as soon as I stopped using it. Eventually a second stronger cream was prescribed. And my eyes became gritty, uncomfortable & bloodshot, for which I had to have drops and gels to alleviate. I took vitamins thinking I had some deficiency and kept a food/drink diary trying to eliminate the cause.

    Eventually my doctor suggested stopping use of makeup and skincare products for a month even though all these products I'd been using for some time. The first thing I stopped was my Proactiv+ skin care. Almost instantly it was obvious Proactiv+ was the cause of my problems.

    After a few weeks of not using Proactiv+ I no longer have dermatitis. My lips instantly felt better. Although there are lines inside my lips where damage is still showing, I no longer have any dryness. My eyes feel alleviated but not 'normal' so not sure if Proactiv+ is the cause of my eye problem yet, but it is obvious it was an irritant to them. So I will have to wait a little longer.

    After e-mailing Proactiv, who needed constant prompting to reply, I am still awaiting a refund for all the 'new' Proactiv+ I have used. They offered a part refund to wrong card details and have ignored my correspondence since then. Customer service is very, very poor unless you are buying, then it us very, very good.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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