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    • Jul 26, 2016
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    Prior Adderall User take

    Overall Experience:

    First of all. I'd like to point out I've been on Prescription medications for ADHD off and on for years (Adderall, Ritilen, Vyvanse, MetaDate etc.), with Adderall being the king of them all. I think intelligence is subjective and think I have average intelligence but think I am smarter than others in certain areas. I've also suffered from MDD, PTSD, Bipolar 2 among other things so I take medications that severely fog my brain activity.

    Being off Adderall and having stuff add to overall brain decline puts me in a bit of a lurch. So I have been drastically looking for something non prescription based to fill the void and hopefully at least give me some much needed push and clarity. I've been scammed by a few nootropics already (Adderlin being amonst them). I fully know that a good majority are scams and buy them anyway. It's not lack of common sense but more or an act of desperation as I know I have potential and don't want my time to run out trying to get the most out of my life.

    I stumbled upon Optimind while I was ordering Geniux at the same time (haven't tried it yet). I got the Optimind sample free of charge and super fast (2 business days). I didn't take it the first day because I wanted to take it when I first wake to see if it really drove me to do anything on a fresh day. I've only taken one pill so I can't review what the longer term effects/benefits will be, but I can say I've noticed a positive difference and that's something I never thought I'd say about a nootropic. I've gotten increased motivation, clarity, energy today and done stuff that I've put off for sometime.

    As someone who's take prescription and natural supplements I can tell you this by far has been the best. I can't yet say if it will yield better memory and other benefits, but thus far it's effecting something in the brain. I rated it above average because I do think most nootropics are scams and couldn't give it a perfect score because although it's been positive I haven't seen the memory effects yet and it still lags behind anything you could get from a doctor. I hope this review helps though and gives you some insight. The effects of it might depend on whether you are someone who really NEEDS said effects and not someone merely trying to acquire something to for a quick boost to pass a test or something.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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