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    • Jan 20, 2017
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    Gundry MD Prebiothrive

    Not the results I had expected

    Overall Experience:

    I was initially excited about ordering Prebiothrive. In fact, the video sales pitch was so convincing that I decided to go for the 18 bottle, one and a half year supply special discount. I am diabetic and wanted to get into better health by eliminating some of the cravings that lead to eating bad foods, including high sugar content. I really wanted to boost my energy level and vitality, so while in the "ordering mood," I also bought a 3-month supply of their "Vital Reds."

    So on the first day, I excitedly mixed a scoop of the Prebiothrive powder in a glass of water. I tried using a hand-mixer to "dissolve" the powder, then tried using a shaker, but no matter what I did, I ended up with a glob of the undissolved gray substance at the bottom of the glass. I tried consuming that too, as I wanted to make sure that I wasn't wasting anything, but it was a mistake as it was slightly unpleasant tasting, and I had difficulty swallowing it. About an hour after drinking it, I had some slight nausea, which eventually went away.

    Later that evening, I noticed that I had some marked swelling of my ankles, feet, and calves. By morning, the swelling had diminished some, but it was still there. Again, I drank (and chewed) my portion of Prebiothrive partially dissolved in water. Once again, I experienced the same symptoms of temporary nausea and later pronounced swelling of my lower extremities. By the 3rd day, I was about ready to make an emergency appointment with my doctor, as the swelling had gotten so bad, each day worse than the day before. So I decided to discontinue my consumption of the product. Within two days, the swelling had disappeared.

    I had invested a sizable amount of money in this product and was really interested to see if the swelling and nausea returned if I were to resume taking the product. It DID! So I immediately contacted Dr. Gundry's customer service and requested a refund. Although they eventually agreed to honor their "No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee," they initially tried to talk me into "giving" or selling the product to a friend for a 40% discount! I politely declined and ended up shipping all 18 bottles back. And yes, it was quite a hefty shipping cost. It sure didn't work for me, and worse, it created a health scare.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 23, 2017

      Company Response from Gundry MD


      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the product and had an adverse reaction to it. While most of our customers enjoy this product, I do understand that it does not work the same way for everyone.

      We recommend consulting your doctor to see if you are perhaps allergic to any of the ingredients. Regardless, I am happy to assist you personally in the return process. We thoroughly apologize for your experience with our product.

      Please email me directly so that I may assist you with the return at aria@gundrymd.com.

      Thank you.

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