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    • Mar 11, 2018
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    Genie Bra

    Cheap foreign junk

    I have a friend who works from home selling these bras, so naturally, I wanted to try them. She said they sell like crazy. It took almost three weeks to get them, and she told me to get the bigger size because they run small.

    When I got them, she came to see them first hand, because she didn’t own them either. We really were amazed at the junky quality, and she left feeling terrible for selling TriStar stuff (they also make those power air fry ovens you see on infomercials).

    It was TIGHT, and remember I’d ordered a size up. It rolled up my back and underarms. There is no “support” because the TV ads/infomercials are digitally enhanced, or the women are wearing those rubber push cups under the Genie bras. Breasts basically flop after about ten walking steps, no matter how you adjust them.

    The people selling these to you are working from home, and are made to offer “more sales” on top of your original order, so you could be talking to some fat hairy dude in his spare bedroom, but you’d never know it! You might call to get the Genie Bra, and end up with a cooling pan plus some scammy club on top of that, such rigamarole JUST TO GET SOME BRAS!

    Not to mention that while I trust my friend, do you trust a stranger with your credit card info? She told me TriStar doesn’t even HAVE real call centers. All their employees work from home! On commission!

    Bottom line, the bras don’t do what they say they do, in more ways than one, and that goes for your cash too! Cheap made foreign junk bands is what we called them and donated to a local shelter.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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