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    • Feb 13, 2017
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    Navage Nose Cleaner

    The "powered" nose vacuum

    Overall Experience:

    I have a chronic nasal restriction. Often I can't taste or smell due to the congestion. For several years I have been using the squeeze bottle with pre-measure salt packets. Since I will do most anything to get a better sinus and nasal state, I bought into Navage.

    It works in a more gentle and less messy way than the squeeze and blow bottle method. Navage is less messy, but it doesn't seem to that the power to really evacuate nasal cavities that are even moderately blocked. After using the device, I will blow out (I know it's gross, but effective) the backed up solution and more mucus often is expelled. That means it didn't get sucked out with Navage.

    I get a good feeling, however, knowing that I'm tackling the problem from another angle. I would also suggest looking up the YouTube work around video to lower costs by using the less expensive salt packets rather than the Navage pre-packaged ones.

    One tip; after loading the Navage, express a bit of solution by activating the switch. I experienced the first flow of solution being cold, and that wasn't comfortable, so just get a bit started in the sink and the rest will be at the temperature of the solution you have loaded.

    The machine is bulky and not really stable on its stand. The more frustrating part is that I forget to take it with me when I'm relocating to my mid-week lodging, or on trips. If you like it and get used to it, you might need to invest in two or get the carrying case.

    I'd also like tips on the best way to clean it out. The configuration of the device and the bottom tank are such that some of the solution stays in the unit. There isn't really a good way to dry it out.

    It works, and if you have chronic problems, it's worth a try. If you have only occasional issues, it's probably too expensive for a moderately effective remedy.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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