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    • Mar 27, 2017
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    Hint Water

    I Like but read below

    Overall Experience:

    For the most part I enjoy HINT. Some flavors tasted like lipstick (pomegranate, raspberry) and flavors I usually don't gravitate toward (mango) I actually really enjoy using HINT.

    I picked up more flavors recently as they were on clearance at Target, and really liked strawberry kiwi. Green apple was okay but not my favorite. Watermelon is just so-so.

    Stop & Shop makes a version of this water too and their watermelon is worse, but the S&S lemon is very good, much stronger flavor and almost tastes sweetened. Cucumber as S&S is just so-so as well but it's worth trying the S&S for the price.

    I am going to order some lime and mint via the web as these flavors are impossible to find. Pear is at whole foods and is so weak in the 2 bottles I bought, that it's not worth it.

    A cheaper alternative is Wegmans plus they make many different unique flavors and 12 bottles is $6.99. There is also herbal water by Dr Ayala with flavors like lemon ginger, and lemongrass and mint lavender.

    My final suggestion was for the user who said they got 'dry mouth' or anyone else here. Just take your regular bottled waters and put them in a brown paper bag with things like mint, or even basil, and the label on the bottle will absorb the fragrance and oils.

    As you drink the water, you're not tasting the stuff but the scent almost tricks you into it being flavored. I thought basil would be gross but it makes it such a refreshing experience to drink plain bottled water while smelling the basil.

    I have tried it with spearmint and prefer this than a flavored mint because a mint water (like METRO which isn't made anymore) used to repeat on me and give my gastro tract the tingles. Good luck!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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