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    • Apr 7, 2017
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    Quip Toothbrush


    Don't buy; it is a waste of money! Not at all like a Sonicare. Cleans teeth like a regular brush.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 9, 2017

      Company Response from Quip NYC Inc.

      Hi again, Eric! We are sorry that our website, the booklet that came with your brush, and our subsequent email exchanges around this subject we were not able to clear up any misunderstandings about Quip's approach, and what affects your oral health.

      As we explained in those email exchanges, the reason we built Quip was to help battle the damaging misunderstanding that electric toothbrushes, and more specifically, the power mode they are set to will magically clean your teeth far better than regular toothbrushes. We also want to battle the misconception that electric brushes particularly, the one you mention should be used differently to a regular toothbrush (as per their product manual and our manual, they shouldn't).

      The quality of "clean" your toothbrush gives you is wholly dependent on how you use it. The truth is, a regular (manual) brush is just as capable of "cleaning" as the most super-powered, expensive electric toothbrush when used well. The issue is that most people don't use them well, and electric brushes help guide better usage and harbor good habits (encourage softer, tooth by tooth brushing for a full two minutes)

      The things that ensure a better clean; brushing gently, going tooth by tooth, wiggling the bristles around the gum line, for two full minutes twice a day, changing your brush head every three months, and visiting the dentist every six months. These habits have a fundamental effect on oral health (whether your brush is set to "sensitive" like Quip or "ultra" like yours). If followed, you can attain a perfectly clean teeth whatever you use. The problem is, the majority get several of the above wrong.

      We simply built Quip to focus on these important habits, and not make our members believe that by simply owning electric toothbrushes, excuse the need to brush well. We want to guide, inspire and automate healthy habits, and improve oral health.

      With all of the above said, personal preference is everything in a toothbrush. If aggressive vibrations and horsepower are things that inspire you to brush well, then your Sonicare is the right brush for you! For many others, they would prefer the same guidance in the form of a more simple, quiet, comfortable and easy to live with a product like a quip.

      I'm sorry that Quip was not for you, but I'm happy to see our help team were able to assist you with your return that was within your 30-day trial period.

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