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    • Apr 17, 2017
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    Freedom Debt Relief

    It's a farce

    Overall Experience:

    I joined the program having never been late on one payment. After a call to Chris Karen of Freedom Debt financial, I was convinced this program was for me.

    Everything went well for 4 to 6 months; I made my monthly payments without fail. Then I received an offer from their "sister" company Consolation Plus that I did not want a personal loan at 22% interest, as it was as much if not more than my credit card interest. After refusing their loan, it started. I was sued three or four times.

    I was told not to talk to my creditors so I asked my "representatives" at Freedom to explain to my creditors that they'd get their money and not to sue, but they did NOT! My program lawyer called me one day before a trial I was supposed to begin to tell me that I needed to come up with three or four hundred dollars or my checks would be garnished. Then they proceed to tell me that if I'd pay my bills, I would not be in this position!

    I take the personal loan, they pay off my creditors, and then yesterday, April 15, I receive to my house via priority mail from Freedom Debt financial one 1099-C form that after a call to Freedom Debt to find out why they would hold a tax document (that I'd already called the IRS to find out should have been mailed by my creditors by February 15), and Freedom Debt had (since March 15) lied and refused to acknowledge that the postmark is April 13th and they've sent via priority mail. They say it's been put in the mail a month ago and it's not their fault that the US Post Office took so long to deliver it.

    The only problem is I live in AZ! That's 129 miles from where the Scottsdale, AZ address my creditor mailed it to them at! Oh, and come to find out there are four 1099-C tax forms of mine they held on to for over one month! It's all a huge scam to get you to take a consolidation loan. Do not believe these crooks!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 19, 2017

      Company Response from Freedom Debt Relief

      Dear Mr. Zabala,

      We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and we would like the opportunity to speak with you to address your concerns and resolve the issues you are having with the program. Please let us know the best time that we may contact you.

      Thank you!

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