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    • Apr 24, 2017
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    Freedom Debt Relief

    Ripped Off

    Overall Experience:

    Enrolled in this program 2 years ago. Unlike others, we DID sign up for the legal services at $12 a month with National Litigation Law Group.

    After fees, and the negotiated settlement, we ended up paying 111% of the balance we originally owed on that account that our creditor sued us over. So, don't believe that the litigation services are going to help you. We have paid faithfully into this program for the past 2 years, trusting in this company to advocate for us.

    According to their dashboard, we have 3 more years to go. I am researching other options. On their dashboard, they show the amount they have ”saved” you in negotiated settlement, but you have to click deeper to learn that when you add in their 20% of the original balance fee, you've actually ended up paying about 60%. Or, in the case of that one account of mine, 111% of the original balance.

    I am so incredibly angry. We had a lot of accounts and were overwhelmed, which is why I originally signed up with them. Now, after having looked in detail at what they are actually doing with my money, I see that they play on people's fears and desperation and you end up worse off than if you had tried to negotiate with the creditor on your own.

    They let your account balances increase because that account balance is what they use to calculate their fee. They let your accounts go to collections because it makes them more money to drag things out. We have had 3 of our creditors serve us with summons that they are suing us.

    It's clearly not true when they tell you that they get a better settlement for you because of their negotiating power, nor that they will communicate with your creditors. I know precious little, but I've educated myself enough in the past 30 minutes and mustered up the chutzpa to negotiate a better settlement than paying 111%.

    My taxes were filed. I was getting nearly $800 back in a refund until I got my form from FDR for the 'debt forgiveness income' THE DAY BEFORE TAXES HAD TO BE FILED. I had to file an amended return and ended up OWING $240 on my taxes. Think about that for a minute.

    Not only did FDR negotiate settlements for me and charge me fees that had me paying 84% of the original balances of my debt (and actually it was MORE than my original balances, because they let interest and fees rack up to inflate the fee they would be able to collect), they cost me my $800 tax refund PLUS $240, my credit is trashed, and I've been sued three times.

    Do not have them help you. It is NO HELP. On the positive side, I can say that any time I called customer service, I felt real good after I hung up the phone. FDR trains their customer service well to reassure you and make you feel wonderful while they take advantage of your poor financial choices and/or desperate feeling situation.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 24, 2017

      Company Response from Freedom Debt Relief


      We are sorry to hear about the experience you are having, and we completely understand your concerns. Please allow us the opportunity to reach out to you to discuss your legal accounts, the 1099-C forms and any other aspects of the program that are causing you this frustration. Ultimately, we would like to resolve this with you as quickly as possible. Do you have a preferred time that we may reach you? Do you prefer phone or email communication?

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