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    • Apr 28, 2017
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    Bye Bye Foundation

    Don't waste your money, read this review!

    I was looking for a lightweight foundation product as summer was on its way. Now, I should say right from the start that I do not have problem skin (i.e. acne, rosacea, etc.), only mild redness from time to time.

    What sold me on the Bye Bye Foundation was the fact that it was supposed to be both lightweight and have excellent coverage. Please don't ask why I didn't read the reviews before I purchased. It was a moment of stupid because normally I do so for every online purchase.

    The kit arrived, and the first thing I noticed was that the products they ship are super tiny munchkin sized. Much like what you would receive in a free sample from a cosmetic retailer. The squeeze tube of the foundation, which I ordered in a medium, wasn't even completely full! It seemed as though they took half of it out, and shipped.

    Now, after applying this very thin almost moisturizer like cream, I realized that it didn't cover anything! Again, I do not have problem skin, but I guarantee that if I did, this stuff wouldn't cover anything. Now, that being said, they sent along a medium setting powder. They really should send translucent so that it doesn't change the foundation color. The setting powder is more the shade of a bronzer. I felt the color was off, so I took my mirror and went outside. I looked like a tangerine with a bad spray tan. Wrong shade aside, this stuff covers next to nothing.

    As a sidebar, none of the other products included in the kit were particularly spectacular, intact much less so. But perhaps the most insulting part of the whole experience was the return process. I really didn't try and beg too hard for a refund. What I really wanted was to be sure they were taking me off their auto shipment process. Speaking to customer service was a series of recommendations for different products to purchase. Anything to get you not to cancel. Until finally I had to very rudely tell the representative that all I wanted was to be no longer enrolled in the auto-shipping program. To that, he said that I didn't have a balance due so that they wouldn't charge me anymore. I then read to him the auto ship statement from the bottom half of my invoice.

    By the way, they do not charge you another $39.99, they charge you several installments totaling $119.00. Again the rep from customer service said: "don't worry, we are not going to charge you anything." I asked for him to send me a confirmation email that my account had been canceled. He said he would do so, but it would take 25-48 hours to do so.

    Stay tuned guys because I just bet in a few more weeks I get charged again. One last thing, there is a 60-day guarantee with this product. No one will offer you a refund, they will simply try to sell you more products. Push for your refund! As I said earlier, I didn't really care about the refund, as much as I worried about them continuously charging my card.

    Long and short of my review, this product stinks! It doesn't deliver the results it guarantees, customer service doesn't really want to help you, and if you buy it anyway, good luck!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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