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    • May 3, 2017
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    Smart Nora

    Not a cure...

    Overall Experience:

    I have always occasionally snored after alcohol or a large meal. As I have got older this has got louder and more common to the point it disturbs my girlfriend's sleep most nights. She has started to use earplugs. I have tried various remedies, sprays, nasal inserts, mouthpieces and most have made minor differences.

    I have looked at Nora for some time and almost ordered a few times. The lead time and import tax have been putting me off. I found an online snoring shop with one for sale in the UK I decided to go for it.

    The device looks nicely made, the holding bag is soft and protects the device well. The small sensor is nice to look at and easy to use too. It can run for a night from the battery which means I could take it camping, for example, a nice feature.

    Although the advertising shows an app, I couldn't find access to this and so I have used my own snoring app to monitor if the Nora is making a difference.

    Sadly I have come to the conclusion that the app has been withdrawn because it shows this doesn't really work as advertised. In fact, the distinct lack of genuine reviews makes me suspicious to a degree.

    However it does at least have a small impact on the volume of my snoring (sometimes).

    As you will know if you have watched the promos, when the snoring reaches a certain volume the airbag under the pillow inflates and raises your head a little and in theory stopping the snoring.

    The first few nights I was literally woken up every time it inflated. I didn't snore much that night probably because I was awake a lot. The waking has slowly decreased each day to the point where I am probably only woken a couple of times a night.

    The reality is that I snore all night just like before, I am just more often in the mild zone and not the loud zone. My partner has watched me sleep a few times and has confirmed the snoring is still there.

    I will be honest, I have felt better in the mornings this week, less foggy, more awake which may be down to the Nora helping me breath better. Of course, it could be that its just the longer days and more sun earlier waking me up.

    This then is my issue with the Smart Nora, I don't really have huge confidence it is working or if it is a placebo effect (on both of us). Getting the machine has encouraged us to monitor my snoring far more than we did before, my partner has paid more attention to it.

    Overall I feel it makes a difference but isn't the “cure” it's sold as, at least not for me. Hence my rating of 3 stars.


    • Seems to have reduced my peak snoring volume (but still have occasional nights where I get really loud for no discernible reason).
    • My partner is convinced it has helped
    • Easy to use, quiet.


    • I still snore for between 10 and 25% of the night.
    • It doesn't stop the snoring but can reduce the volume.
    • It triggers for birds singing early in the morning.
    • I find I have a stiff neck some mornings, I guess because it is triggered a lot and is moving my neck in the night. What could be the long-term effects of this?
    • The airbag is "creaky" when inflating and feels hard when fully inflated.
    • The pump is loud if your ear is against the pillow when it activates. This encourages you to sleep on your back which in itself increases the chance of snoring. I don't see what else could be done about this however as it is genuinely a very quiet pump.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jun 7, 2017

      Company Response from Smart Nora Inc

      Hello Matt,

      We always recommend purchasing Smart Nora from us to make sure it is brand new and works perfectly. The fact that you purchased your Nora from a third party and not knowing the condition of your Nora plays a big role in its performance and ability to reduce your snoring. In addition, because you did not purchase from us and we did not know you are a Nora user you were never included in our update/newsletter flow. Which is why you are unaware of Nora's functions and the status of our app.

      Nora works for the majority of our customers and we pride ourselves on our happy customers and great reviews that we receive. The fact that you purchased Nora from a third party, never had the chance to be in our email flow to get educated about Nora doesn't discredit the reviews our customers have posted.

      No one product works for a 100% of its users. With that in mind, we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee to our customers. Which make Nora truly risk free. Our customers get to try it for 30 days and if they are not happy we even pay for their return shipping label.

      Feel free to contact us at and we would be more than happy to give you tips on how to best use your Nora.


      Team Nora

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