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    • May 5, 2017
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    Didn't your mama teach you not to tell lies?

    Overall Experience:

    On 4/21/17 I placed an order using my PayPal account.

    This is the shipping policy copied from their site:


    U.S. orders will be shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. Most packages arrive within 2-8 business days. (not a guaranteed service)

    $4.95 charge for all U.S. orders under $25.00 - Above it's FREE!

    $24.88 charge for Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands countries. (Free above $100.00)

    *U.S orders under 0.03 lbs will be shipped by non-trackable service. Delivery within 7 days.

    Alrighty, so on May 1st I attempted to track my order through the form on their site, but nothing for my order could be found. Also, on May 1st I then emailed them, because even though their site proudly states "24/7 customer support" there is no contact info anywhere to be found other than an email address. When my message sent, I received a confirmation stating that I should get a response within 8-12 hours. Again, what happened to 24/7 support?

    After the first email, I received no response.

    On May 2nd I emailed again. There was no response as of the morning of May 4th (today).

    On May 4th I go to their Facebook page and send a message. No response on Facebook, but later in the day I get an email response (three days after I sent the first email) stating that my order is already on its way, with a USPS tracking number, and then it says that the tracking number may not work for a few days (?).

    Remember the site says that when they use USPS, they ship Priority, which takes three business days anywhere in the US. I run a business and ship daily. I know this. I ordered two weeks ago, Priority takes three days, but the tracking number isn't working yet? Hogwash! If priority tracking won't be available for a few days as they stated, and as it shows on the USPS site, that means that the package has not actually been picked up and scanned in by the USPS, which means that they haven't shipped it. They have only printed the postage for it, which will print a tracking number, but nothing will show up on the USPS until they get it and scan it in. In other words, they are a big ole' liars and my order has not shipped, it has just been printed.

    More verification. I go back to the site package tracking form, and when I put on my order, I get a screen saying: "Order placed: April 21. Order Ready: May 4." And then it has "in transit," "out for delivery," and "delivered," and those three spots are all blank.

    So much for their "2-8 business days" delivery. That can't really happen when they don't even have it ready to ship until day nine (13 days after the order was placed), now can it? Extra long story short, their site is nothing but lies as far as delivery time and customer support. It should NOT take three days to reply, nor should it take 13 days to pack up my one little item to ship. Shoot, it probably won't actually get shipped until day 14.

    Lastly, what really sent me over the edge was the blatant lie in the email saying my package is on its way when I know for a fact it has not yet been picked up by USPS.

    Lesson learned. I will never shop with this company again. Through my research, I have found the exact same item for half their cost elsewhere anyway. Lies, a total lack of customer support, and price gouging. That's a quality business model they have there.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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