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    • May 25, 2017
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    PrettyLitter is not a good product

    Prior to receiving my PrettyLitter, I was so excited! When the box came, I realized how little four pounds was when the whole package could fit in my apartment's mailbox (we have a 3 x 5, so it is pretty small). When I put it in the litter box, it covered maybe two inches across, so I thought it was correct. A week in, all was well. My cat took to the new litter great, and no strong smells were coming from the box. The litter was tinted yellow but was drying the urine as promised.

    Week two came, and things were not going so well. The litter was now completely yellow and was no longer drying the urine. It began to smell. By week three, the litter box was filled with a yellow gel with very little dry litter. I tried to dump the "litter" in a dumpster, but the gel was stuck to the box. The smell was so overwhelming, I threw the whole litter box in the dumpster and went and bought a new one. It was horrible. The little four-pound bag you receive lasts two weeks, at best, before it NEEDS to be changed. After that, prepare for a horrible smelly mess! Not worth the price at all.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jun 27, 2017

      Marissa S., Supervisor of Customer Experience

      Hi Cat, thanks for your feedback. Being a cat owner myself I can understand the challenge of a fresh smelling home with poor odor control from clay litters. I'm sorry you went through this negative experience. Odor control is a top compliment of customers and I'm just curious if I can get to the bottom of your concern.

      You mentioned you had two inches of depth (you think) were you able to measure this? Also, does your cat urinate more than normal? Just to be clear, how many cats do you have? How many litter boxes? How many bags were put into the box? Were you removing litter or were you allowing PrettyLitter to absorb urine, eliminate odors and evaporate moisture?

      Your concern is very rare however we've solved this with another customer and she went from hating PrettyLitter to loving it! Please email us at for further assistance.

    • Jul 18, 2017

      Jennie D

      I have found the same problem as Cate W. It was amazing when I first used it, there was no smell whatsoever. After week two, the smell became horrible and I had to go out and by more litter and throw this out. I was actually gagging changing the litter boxes.

      I have three cats and three litter boxes and it was also always clumping together and not absorbing as stated. I am going to give it one more try, if it happens again this time, I am done.

    • Nov 9, 2017

      Donna Wemette

      I experienced a similar thing. I’m done with their customer service and their litter!

    • Dec 1, 2017

      Jane Koepsel

      Me too, and I haven't even tried the product. Mine came in a USPS priority envelope. My cat could use an 8" x 10" litterbox. They make it difficult to cancel too. If it actually works, I'd be happy to buy a bag from a store to use a few times a year but this is set up like a big scam. Now, I don't even trust that it works, so it might cost me a trip to the vet. It'd be cheaper to get a full urinalysis and exam from a vet every two to three months than using this litter.

    • Oct 5, 2018

      Patricia K.

      Yes. I experience the same issue, not once but twice. I got the bigger bags too and they didn't last even three weeks. It simply doesn't work with the urine either, since it never caught my sick cats urine.

    • Dec 10, 2018

      Sharon W.

      I want to thank those of you who have obviously NOT drunk the Pretty Litter koolaid! I have three cats, all from the same litter (which I found over eight years ago in my barn.) There are two boys, and I shall we say, "big boned" little (snort) girl. All are at least half Bengal cat because of coloring and size. The boys average about 19 lbs. and 'sissy' is 17 lbs. Not that tiny by comparison, a four pound, 18-year-old Siamese mix, I had just prior to this gang! She probably wouldn't have had any problems with this litter. The amount of urine alone that my guys produce, makes me realize Pretty Litter is NOT the litter for us! Thank you all for your honest reviews and the help they gave me in deciding to keep what I'm currently using!

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