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    • May 25, 2017
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    PrettyLitter is not a good product

    Prior to receiving my PrettyLitter, I was so excited! When the box came, I realized how little four pounds was when the whole package could fit in my apartment's mailbox (we have a 3 x 5, so it is pretty small). When I put it in the litter box, it covered maybe two inches across, so I thought it was correct. A week in, all was well. My cat took to the new litter great, and no strong smells were coming from the box. The litter was tinted yellow but was drying the urine as promised.

    Week two came, and things were not going so well. The litter was now completely yellow and was no longer drying the urine. It began to smell. By week three, the litter box was filled with a yellow gel with very little dry litter. I tried to dump the "litter" in a dumpster, but the gel was stuck to the box. The smell was so overwhelming, I threw the whole litter box in the dumpster and went and bought a new one. It was horrible. The little four-pound bag you receive lasts two weeks, at best, before it NEEDS to be changed. After that, prepare for a horrible smelly mess! Not worth the price at all.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jun 27, 2017

      Company Response from Pretty Litter Inc.

      Hi Cat, thanks for your feedback. Being a cat owner myself I can understand the challenge of a fresh smelling home with poor odor control from clay litters. I'm sorry you went through this negative experience. Odor control is a top compliment of customers and I'm just curious if I can get to the bottom of your concern.

      You mentioned you had two inches of depth (you think) were you able to measure this? Also, does your cat urinate more than normal? Just to be clear, how many cats do you have? How many litter boxes? How many bags were put into the box? Were you removing litter or were you allowing PrettyLitter to absorb urine, eliminate odors and evaporate moisture?

      Your concern is very rare however we've solved this with another customer and she went from hating PrettyLitter to loving it! Please email us at for further assistance.

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