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    • Aug 10, 2017
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    Gundry MD Primal Plants

    Good for your skin and internal microbiome greens

    Overall Experience:

    If you are like me, you most likely have a health related issue that caused you to seek out a supplement or supplements to help correct or minimize your health issue.

    With a clean diet, breathing clean air, performing exercise that is right for you, drinking clean water, getting adequate sleep and taking the time to do things you enjoy, seeking out a supplement or supplements can be that final tool in your tool box that enables you to complete the job. In this case, restoration or improvement of your health and life quality.

    I personally have changed my lifestyle and live what I preach. I am thrilled to have discovered Dr. Gundry and Primal Plants. I began taking Primal Plants in May 2017 in conjunction with PrebioThrive, which I began taking in April 2017.

    The PrebioThrive got my digestive system working properly, but that is another review. The Primal Plants fine tuned the benefits I experienced from taking PrebioThrive, and after about a month of taking Primal Plants, I noticed my skin was clearing. This was a big deal for me being I had two stubborn patches of psoriasis. The two patches of psoriasis would not go away no matter what I tried or what lifestyle changes I made over the past several years. So, kudos to you Primal Plants!

    If you are a person who is willing to make the lifestyle changes you need to make and wish to take a medical grade supplement with clinical trials backing it up, I believe you will be extremely pleased with the results you experience by adding Primal Plants to your tool box.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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