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    • Aug 23, 2017
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    Skincell Pro

    Skincell Pro scam

    Overall Experience:

    This product is a scam, and the people behind it are hawks who are out there to grab your money, any money. I ordered my "free" trial on July 19th and received an email on July 20th to confirm shipping. I received the product on August 2nd. I used it the same day.

    On August 9th (today) I discover that they charged my credit card for $89.00 on August 4th. I called the company that appeared on my statement "Supreme Health Supply" and they insisted that I agreed to use the product for 14 days and if I don't cancel within the 14 days, I will be billed for the three-months supply that they sent me, which is a bottle with a dropper that contains nothing but water. The product is useless anyway. The customer service said that they only accept unopened bottles. How can I try this product without opening the bottle and be able to ship it back within 14 days when it took 12 days to reach me?

    On top of that, they calculate the 30-day refund policy from the day I made the order! They offered me no refund, and when I insisted on speaking to someone, they referred me to a "supervisor" who offered me 50% discount to "save" me the hassle of returning. I said no, I don't want the product because it is useless. She then offered me 75% refund. Again, I refused, because it is a matter of principle.

    I am willing to pay the postage, and they will also deduct "restocking" fee of $10.00. For what? I don't know. According to them, the product is open, they can't resell it, so what is the reason for the restocking charge? They are out there to make money, even if it is $10.00, they will be rich still with so many people being fooled to buy the product only to realize that it is a scam and it does not work. I wonder how many $10 they made out of people like me?

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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