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    • Aug 21, 2017
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    Gundry MD Primal Plants

    Clear skin at last!

    Overall Experience:

    I bought Primal Plants about three weeks ago, honestly because I was impressed by Dr. Gundry's serious health background and also because I can't stand eating the necessary kinds of greens I know are truly healthy, such as broccoli and kale. I thought if I can drink them, great! At least I'll finally be eating them. The mild apple flavor is delightful compared to the real thing, too.

    So while I was doing it for my health, the drink has some other major surprises in store for me as well. First of all, it gives me energy that I have been dreaming of for years since I developed both hypothyroidism and Type 2 Diabetes. I no longer need to take a big nap every day, and when I'm awake, my head feels clearer! What a thrill to not feel sapped of energy all the time.

    Second, and best of all to me, I had always had hypersensitive skin problems, including acne on my chest and back (even at age 59!) and diabetic hives. Within seven days, my skin began to clear, all over. I really can't believe it! No more constant itching and wanting to pick at itches. I can wear a bathing suit or sundress without a cover up hiding my skin problems for the first time. This, alone will keep me "drinking my veggies," for the foreseeable future!

    I'm so happy to have found a supplement that actually produces results almost immediately. And I've lost 3 lbs in the process in these three weeks. A very satisfied customer!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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