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    • Sep 7, 2017
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    Seller beware!

    Overall Experience:

    I sold authentic Hermes bag and scarves as a bundle. The buyer returned the bag to Tradesy, and they did an "inspection" and determined that my bag was miss presented and I received an email saying that I am receiving the bag back.

    A few days go by, and I received the bag completely squeezed and out of shape. But once I realized my scarves aren't there, I was completely shocked. They even had the nerve to send me ONE EMPTY BOX that belongs to one of the scarves. I reached out right away through email and called the following day. They told me to wait for an email back as the return department can't be reached by phone. Really? Such an important part of the company can't be reached by phone Anyways, before I hung up I asked the supervisor I was talking with if it's usual that they return only one out of three items and give the buyer a full refund and she said she can't answer that.

    After two days, I finally I got an email from a lady named Laura, which was absolutely NO HELP and kept telling me that she can't see any damages that were caused to the bag from inappropriate shipping (it was very obvious) and that Tradesy does NOT cover gifts that where sent with the main item. I was completely shocked. I might have included the scarves with the bag, but it was in no way just a gift for anyone to take for free as I was paying $250 for those scarves. Plus, NO other selling or listing site issues a refund if one out of three items has been returned by the buyer, especially if they had the item for inspection right when the buyer send it to them!

    So now I'm out of pocket $250 for the scarves and $170 that I need to pay to Hermes to get this bag to shape since Tradesy damaged it sending it in too small of a box.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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