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    • Sep 14, 2017
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    Overall Experience:

    I ordered a jacket back in March 2017, six months ago. I paid $10 for this jacket, so didn't mind that I hated it when I got it. I paid via PayPal. I DID NOT sign up for any membership.

    Today, six months later, I see a $39.95 charge on my account, via "PayPal JustFab." I didn't want to have to go through my bank, so I called JustFab thinking it must be some mistake and they will reverse it, but they won't! I spent a total of 30 minutes on the phone with a rep in the Phillipeans who told me she couldn't do anything for me because I didn't have an account and I wasn't a VIP member (I know!). She couldn't reverse the charge because it went through my PayPal and PayPal doesn't have an "account number." I've received refunds via PayPal before, definitely just as possible to reverse the transaction as it is to randomly charge someone's account.

    I demanded a supervisor and spent 20 minutes on hold only for her to come back and tell me she still couldn't help me, but what was my order number from March. I don't flipping know, and it doesn't matter, it was six months ago! What right does this company have to just charge money to your account at random because they have your information? What B.S!

    I asked for a supervisor again and spent another 10 minutes on hold before hanging up to call the bank and PayPal. My debit card is now frozen until I receive the new one, great! PayPal was great, they marked it fraud immediately and blocked them from ever being able to process through them again.

    This company needs to be shut down, and they had the nerve to send me a customer service survey via email.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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