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    • Sep 20, 2017
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    One Two Lash

    Interesting product, but needs to be refined.

    Overall Experience:

    Things I like: A comfortable lash without having to use toxic glues near my eyes. An innovative way to attach false lashes. A choice of lash styles. Quick delivery. Fairly reasonable prices. The company made an attempt to show how to "install" the lashes.

    Things needing improvement: 1) First and most important, eyelids are curved, people! Why make a straight lash? Because the lashes are mounted on a straight plastic rod, regardless of where you place the lash, one end or the other sticks out and does not follow the curve of your lid.

    2) Because of the first problem, I did a little minor surgery of my lashes and nipped off about 1 mm from each lash, making them fit better.

    3) I am a very pale red-head with blonde natural lashes. The lashes only come in black, which is a little harsh and obvious for me. I would snap up a pair in a dark brown color.

    4) In addition to having pale natural lashes, they are short and somewhat sparse. Even the Accent lashes made me look like Daisy Duck. So, I very carefully, with manicure scissors and a magnifying glass, modified the lashes to a more natural length and thickness for me. A shorter, more natural option would be a welcome addition to the styles you offer.

    5) Application. I tried the "upper lash first" method from their promotional video. No luck. And those are painful little suckers to have flying sideways into your eyeball when you make a mistake putting them on. I created my own system, putting the lower lash in place, and then closing my eye onto the lash. I could then slide the upper lash down my lid until it clicked into place, avoiding the flinching and blinking that happened when I tried to keep my eye open while trying to attach the lower lash last as shown in the video.

    6) Finally, some sort of applicator would be helpful. I got creative and dipped the tips of an old pair of tweezers in several layers of nail polish to minimize some of their magnetic 'pull,' and am using them instead of my fingertips to apply the lashes. A set of polished wood or plastic tweezers with nice cushy tips would be a nice addition to the lash set.

    So there you go. I'll gladly accept a free set of their new, curved, brown, natural Accent lashes when they manufacture them, as I have now solved all of their problems (LOL).

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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