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    • Sep 28, 2017
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    Of course, no good

    I have met many girls on the Anastasia site from Ukraine and Russia where I met some of them later in person. As you know, I had to spend some money before I get their contacts. To make it short, all the girls I met have agencies where they charged me to have a translator along with each of the girls I met on daily basis. About $ 75 a day. So wherever I went, the translator was with us paying for food too.

    The first two travel trips were bad and costly, but nothing to compare to the last girl named Marina, who is from Nikolaev in Ukraine. She wanted me to meet her family, claiming they were poor, and we got engaged. I, of course, bought a lot of gifts for the whole family. We got engaged, and I applied for a US Visa for her. After about ten months and many costly trips visiting her, the US Visa was ready. I sent her $2000 so she can get a medical exam, transportation, and other expenses she may need. She called me asking for more money, claiming that was not enough. So I sent her another $ 1,500, not mentioning the monthly allowance I used to send her. About $ 500 a month.

    The end of this scam is that the girl never went to the US embassy. It was a scam all along. So I notified the embassy to blacklist her.

    You may think that I would not continue seeking a girl after this big scam, but I did meet more girls. However, before traveling to meet them and within few days of meeting them online, I used to call my credit card company to trace where the payment is going to while I was at Anastasia site. After an investigation, these girls that are supposed to be living and talking to me in Ukraine, the charges were coming from an island called Cypress. When I confronted the girls, they are probably prostitutes working for gangs.

    After that no more communications at all with anyone from the internet period. I do not trust anybody on the internet, back to the old-fashioned way to meet girls in person here in my city, and whatever I spend on them is much much less than the hassle of meeting an untrustworthy girl in a country I do not know.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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