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    • Nov 17, 2017
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    Ponzi scheme

    Overall Experience:

    This is a Ponzi scheme. You aren’t getting your money because Tradesy doesn’t have the money to pay you. Don’t listen to their lying responses about “extra security precautions with your ACH transfer!" This is a bold faced lie by Tradesy.

    Know this, ACH transfers take a max of three business days. For example, I had $10,000 in my PayPal account from eBay sales. I hit the transfer button and the money was in my bank account the next day. When you hit the ACH transfer button with Tradesy, you think your money is automatically being transferred to your account. Wrong! It merely sends notification to a brain-dead Tradesy employee who puts the the notification aside in hopes Tradesy can hold and use your funds for a couple of weeks (robbing Peter to pay Paul). Pretty soon I imagine there will be no money left if that’s not already the case.

    And whoever responds to this email, DO NOT say this is for security purposes. We are not stupid Tradesy, and if you keep using this lame excuse you’re going to find yourself in a deeper hole then you’ve already dug. I’m going to the BBB and the California Attorney General about the money you owe me, and I will never sell another item on your crooked, corrupt website.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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