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    • Dec 16, 2017
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    Release & Repair Cream by South Beach Skin Lab

    Pros and cons

    Overall Experience:

    I recently purchased three bottles of this cream, being hopeful, but not convinced, that it would help reduce some wrinkles and improve the loss of elastin in my 50-year-old face. Due to health issues, I haven’t aged well, so I was hoping to slow down any more damage.

    The Pros: The product arrived quickly, and was packaged well. It is similar in packaging to other high-end products. The ingredients are not listed on the bottle, BUT they are listed on each individual box that the bottle comes in. This is nice because it gives the bottles a classy yet minimalistic look on my bathroom counter and bedside table. The product has a very light scent that is non-obtrusive to the senses.

    From the very first use, I noticed a tightening and plumping of the skin within minutes of use, which did, in fact, make my skin look younger and less wrinkled. My under-eye skin especially saw positive results from this cream, as it has almost no elastin or collagen and tends to “gather into wrinkles and stay there” if I rub my eyes. The effect of the cream counteracted this, and my under-eyes looked much younger from the application of it.

    The Cons: I put one bottle on my nightstand and one on my bathroom sink, so I would remember to use the cream twice each day. The first thing I noticed was that one bottle was thick and almost waxy or “coconut oil-like,” a good bit thicker than toothpaste, and the other was a lot more fluid, about the same as a tub of cold cream or Noxema, or sour cream if you don’t know those two examples. This concerned me because that means the ingredients vary from batch to batch.

    The next thing that I noticed was that my skin looked amazing for a short while after applying the cream, but it didn’t last. A few hours after applying the cream, my face looked like it’s old wrinkled self. I don’t wear makeup on my skin (only mascara and brow pencil), so it wasn’t something I’d added to dry my skin out. I started wondering if I could perhaps reapply the cream 4 to 6 ties day instead of only twice, but I am concerned the ingredients may not be healthy for my eyes (as it penetrates the skin around the eyes) and that is where I’d need it most.

    Lastly, although it doesn’t “burn” if it gets in my eyes, it does creep up, much like sunblock, if I put it around my eye area and it makes my eyes water a bit, which of course has me blotting and rubbing the area. This only adds to the aging process of that area, so I find that counter-productive.

    All in all, I haven’t used it long enough yet to make a determination if it truly benefits the skin or is just a temporary quick fix for when I’m going out or having my picture taken. I would recommend it for those two situations, as it works better than what my dermatologist, the mall, the drugstore, or my local supermarket has offered me so far, when it comes to “instant results.” I will try and post back again after a few months to give an update on the long-term effects.

    If you can get it at a great price, and want the instant, but temporary “fountain of youth” fix, I’d say go for it. If you’re looking for real healing and an actual slowing of the aging process to your facial skin, I can’t give you the thumbs up yet. Time will tell.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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