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    • Dec 26, 2017
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    Quip Toothbrush

    The "doesn't clean, leaves plaque" toothbrush

    Overall Experience:

    My daughter and I were excited to try this unique toothbrush, so we went all in and bought two, along with the auto-refill. Very quickly we saw a film form on our teeth that was not there before using Quip. We had to floss before and after each time we brushed with this toothbrush as it did not remove most food.

    The day after a cleaning at the dentist, the film was back. Our teeth never felt clean! The dental hygienist was not happy with the state of our teeth or gums. Two days later the film was back on our teeth, so we stopped using Quip and bought a Sonicare. Two weeks later, no film and no food between our teeth.

    I contacted Quip, and all they did was cite their "benefits." They did not seem to care that their toothbrush did not clean.

    The bottom line is, Quip does not clean teeth well!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 9, 2018

      Company Response from Quip NYC Inc.

      Hi Gail,

      We are sorry to hear about your recent dental visit. We hope that your dentist and dental hygienist mentioned that the effectiveness of any toothbrush comes down to how it is used, not the features it has.

      Quip uses the same nylon bristles, motor and in fact, they are manufactured next to other popular leading brands in the industry. So there will be no difference in the way your Quip itself brushes your teeth. The core thing that affects your oral health is how you use a toothbrush, diet, and genetics.

      Unfortunately, there are many dangerous misconceptions in oral care that we are trying to correct, such as the idea that whether a toothbrush is manual, gently vibrating, vigorously vibrating or rotating toothbrush is what effects your oral health. If they are all being used correctly (and have soft bristles), they will all "clean" perfectly.

      The truth is, all toothbrushes should be used in exactly the same way, gently brushing tooth by tooth, focusing on the gum line area, making sure to cover the whole mouth. Unfortunately, many believe that manual brushes should be used with "big strong sweeping brushing motions" and electric brushes "don't need to be wiggled around at all." It is these misconceptions that can, in rare cases, people decline (or improve!) their oral health when they are changing brushes, and it sounds like for some reason the Quip toothbrush changed your technique for the worse. We are sorry to hear this, especially as we designed quip to change people's technique and understanding of oral care for the better!

      As we always say, we cannot speak about personal preference because the best brush for you is one that encourages you to brush 2 times a day, for a full 2 minutes.

      We thank you for giving Quip a try.

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