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    • Jan 6, 2018
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    Mott & Bow

    Inconsistent quality, sizing, and customer service

    Overall Experience:

    I never go online and write bad reviews, but my experience with this company has been so frustrating, and I do not want anyone else to experience what I did. I ordered the Janes in size 26 and 27. The 26 fit but was painted on and not flattering. The 27 fit beautifully, but there was an issue with the dye. The seam on one inner calf was bright white, which really stood out against the dark dye. There was also a dye issue along the seam of the pocket.

    These issues were not present on the size 26, so I notified the company and they said they would send a replacement. I was so pleased with their quick response. They said all I had to do was drop the package off at FedEx and they will send the new ones out as soon as they receive it. Easy returns as promised on their website.

    I brought the package to FedEx in the original box it was shipped in, however, and was told by FedEx they do not accept that packaging. I was told it had to go to USPS. I dropped it off at USPS.

    A week and a half later I had not heard anything, so I contacted the company. They said that there was a delay because somehow the package ended up at USPS and had to be picked up by FedEx and then shipped to them. Uh yeah, FedEx didn't accept the package.

    So finally the new package arrives. I excitedly try on the 27s. They are HUGE at the waist. At least two sizes bigger at the waist, same fit through the legs, and SAME DYE ISSUE on one calf. I contact the company saying I must have gotten a bad pair because of the drastic size difference. I then had to suffer through 12 back and forth email exchanges with two different people telling me that, "In regards to your comments, since all the jeans are handcrafted (no jean is exactly the same), there could be a slight variation from one to another in size terms." When I clarified that the variation was not at all slight, I was told: "Please bare in mind that as stated before all the jeans are handcrafted, so slight variations in size are normal."

    Clearly I was not being heard. Another part of the back and forth was the customer service asking me FOUR different times if I would consider a store credit at this point. Each time, in a very kind way, I told them no. They continued to ask. This was all after they said they will not process an exchange on an exchange and left me no other option (I understand the policy, but this pair was REALLY off in size, so this seems silly and it's not my fault, quality control missed this glaring mistake).

    I was finally told, "Once we receive them and our warehouse department determines they are in pristine conditions, your request will be fulfilled." The word "pristine" reads a bit passive-aggressive, no? I then had to pay $7 in return shipping and believe I will also be charged a restocking fee on jeans that should quite frankly not be restocked due to the sizing issue. So I'm out $13 and a lot of time.

    At the time of writing this, I have not yet received a refund, though I expect to soon. I was told the refund had been initiated before I mailed the package but then received an email saying they got the package and aren't sure if I want a refund or exchange. Aside from the fact that I was told the refund had been initiated, I had also been told that an exchange was not possible. I also declined a store credit four times.

    My opinion is that this whole ordeal has been such a huge waste of time and money. There are many other companies out there doing the same thing as this one but with much better customer service and policies. I have learned that promptness does not equate to good customer service.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 10, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Sydney,

      On behalf of the team, we offer our sincere apology for the misunderstanding and mishandling of your case. We usually take pride in offering a premium customer experience and we are sorry we did not deliver. A full refund (no deductions were made) has been processed. Additionally, we added a store credit to your M & B account in case you decide to give us another try in the future. We certainly hope you can give us another try.

      Thank you so much for letting us know about your case. Regarding the shipping situation you encountered, it must be a new FedEx representative that did not have the correct information, as the same transaction happens hundreds of times a week without any issues. Nonetheless, we are sorry you experienced this problem. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.


      Mott & Bow

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