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    • Jan 15, 2018
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    Gundry MD Prebiothrive

    I feel safe to travel now

    Overall Experience:

    Six months ago I received a small payout after being viciously attacked and mauled above my left knee by a Pitbull Terrier trained for Pig Hunting. The compensation was just enough to cover some much needed dental work.

    In July 2017 I decided to go ahead and have two teeth replaced which had been removed 10 years ago. This involved a bone graft under my left sinus and two titanium pegs inserted into my jaw. Obviously, I required anesthetic and antibiotics.

    The process progressed over a six month period during which time I developed digestive problems - gas, bloating and explosive diarrhea. By November 2017 I was sure I had developed lactose intolerance and IBS. I couldn't even drive the 20 minutes to work without an urgent toilet stop. I was not safe to venture away from an immediately available toilet facility.

    My first instinct was to take a digestive aid, then I started taking a Chemist line Probiotic, and finally, I added a daily dose of Metamucil.

    Nothing was helping me venture from keeping close proximity to the ablutions block. I was losing weight and listless after having explosive diarrhea for a month when I Googled 'Bowel Cancer' and stumbled across a "Steven Gundry, MD link."

    Finally, someone who understands, and I was saved from my spiraling ill health.

    After only one week on Prebiothrive and Vital Reds, I was secure to leave the safety of my own home and travel two hours, without a toilet stop, to spend Christmas with my family.

    I have been taking this combination every morning now for four weeks and have experimented with eating whatever takes my fancy. Nothing bad has happened. NO MORE explosive diarrhea! NO MORE bloating after meals! And my drive and energy levels are back to normal!

    I am normally a very energetic person and thanks to PREBIOTHRIVE and VITAL REDS. I was able to bring in the New Year partying hard with my young fit family, all of whom are in the Defense Force, secure in the knowledge that I can still keep up at age 64, and I would not feel ill and miss work for the following week.

    It was Serendipity, I found you and I tell everyone who shows an interest.

    Thank you Steven Gundry, MD.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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