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    • Jan 22, 2018
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    Luminess Air

    Unprofessional company

    Overall Experience:

    I had placed an order online. It was $19.95, but when I got done, the total was $26.80, so I was like okay. After I placed my order, then it said it was going to be delivered within two to three weeks, so I was looking for it in the mail. I checked my credit card statements to find out that the company refunded me the money on the 9th and I had no idea they did since they never contacted me, never said a word, and never emailed me and said we are giving you a refund. Mind you, I never called in and asked for a refund, so they refunded it on their own.

    I had called customer service to see what happened and they could not tell me why they refunded me at all. So my complaint is they never reached out to me to tell me the product I ordered is never coming in the mail and had me looking for it, and that they refunded me without me even knowing. Customer service was rude. I asked if I can talk to someone else and they said they are the only one working. I would never buy from this company ever again.

    So after I talk to customer service 11 days later, after I called, they just now sent me a copy of my refund but didn't do it the same day they sent out the refund. The company can send you an email for buying the product but not a refund, stating that you were refunded by the company that you had no knowledge of. The company is so unprofessional. What kind of company are they running here? I want to talk to the CEO and ask them "what kind of company are you running?" If I could rate zero stars, I would.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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