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    • Feb 15, 2018
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    Omega XL

    Subdued selling pressure

    Overall Experience:

    My cardiologist recommended that I use it rather than the omega fish oils that I was using. It may be as good or better. I am not in a position to judge. My cardiologist is very good and helped me through 2 heart surgeries so I 100% trust him. My review is more about the selling tactics and follow-up tactics than the product since I am neither a doctor or a nutritionist so I can't do a good job to judge the product.

    My cardiologist said the product "may" help some shoulder-neck pain. He wanted me to take it for the heart benefits.

    I received the product quickly. It was over-documented. They send expensive printing and even a CD. For fatty oils?

    I bought a package of 2 containers. Since my doctor "prescribed it," I certainly already was going to reorder when the time came. What bothered me A LOT was on arrival they announced to me that I had agreed to automatic shipments and future charges to my credit card. I did not (intentionally) agree to that. It must have been buried in fine print IF IT WAS THERE AT ALL.

    I phoned irritated and spoke with Andy. It should have been a quick phone call, but Andy was working to make me feel comfy. We talked about the weather for at least 5 minutes, and he expressed how happy he was to have learned something. He explained that I wouldn't want to be without the benefits of the oils even for a few days by mistake, so it's best to approve automatic reorders. I still said no. He agreed. He was marking my account for no more automatic renewals.

    Then as closing, he said that he closed the account and there would be no automatic shipments. Therefore he picked a date in April and said that they would ship more on that date and charge my credit card.

    Huh? Isn't that just what I said I did not want?

    Finally, he agreed to cancel all automatic renewals.

    By the way, the pills are MUCH smaller than the omega oil pills I had been taking. That is quite good (supposing that there is as much benefit to them) since they are easier to swallow and take up less space in my pill container. I have too many pills, so space was a problem.

    Summary: I assume the product is good. I am outraged by the ethics and attitude of the marketing. Therefore I give the product 5 stars and the marketing 1 stars = an average of 3 stars.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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