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    • Mar 2, 2018
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    Before you buy on Focallure, it sounds great, but it's totally not...

    Ok people, I wanted to do myself something good and spoil myself with some vegan, cruelty-free makeup and I landed on Focallure with their "small prices." So I bought the Magnetic Lashes ($25), the Waterproof glitter lips ($12), one set brushes ($25), and one silicon "sponge" ($2).

    The package came really fast but I was very disappointed when I tried everything. The lashes have no form, and the ends always stay up, and after one time of just trying to put them on, the magnet fell. And you are supposed to use them over and over?

    I can't use them at all, not even with glue because of the form, and this for $25? The lips is the worst thing I have ever tried; it's extremely heavy on the lips, it dries and flakes looking really old and sticky, just awful! The brushes were not sent with the original packaging as they picture it, so that all the brushes where flat and looking horrible when delivered, and the silicon sponge was not the same one I ordered.

    I tell you, people, NEVER, ever buy from there! Of course, I thought it would be easy to return it all and forget about it since I had PayPal, but Focallure sends really cheap and doesn't make international returns, they just wanted to give me 20% back. After complaining, customer service wrote me that I should just put the brushes in water for some days and about the lipgloss complaint, he wrote to me that "that's perfectly fine."

    On all the packages I got say produced by PRC, which is China. China does obligatory animal testing in all cosmetic products. Focallure advises in PayPal not to file for a problem and instead email with them, which I didn't do. I got all my money back and will never buy anything from there. It is not transparent, copying cheap French Sephora trendy trash and somehow selling it as vegetarian and vegan and cruelty-free. Take care where you put your interest and money on. I don't want to support this, rather buy from KatVonD; it's guaranteed, awesome, and the price is pretty much the same.

    Your money, your face, your choice!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 12, 2018

      Company Response from Focallure, LLC

      Hello Shenka,

      Thank you for your review. We will do the best to improve our service.

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