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    • Mar 7, 2018
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    Ab Doer 360

    "AbDidn't Zero" is a piece of crap, and so is company.

    Overall Experience:

    The "AbDidn't 0 Degree Special" should be called the "AbWannabee Let Me Rip You Off."

    If you are stronger than a toothpick, want a product that lasts, like companies that have good customer support and honor their guarantees and warranties, go somewhere else.

    The tongs they glued on to stop the handlebars bend if you use this piece of crap. If you weigh 120lbs or less and plan to use it, you might still feel resistance after a week but don't count on it.

    "AbBozo" customer service is a circus full of clowns that will blame you for anything that goes wrong with the "AbTurd Flush-Me," and will replace despite having a defect that WILL NEVER WORK.

    Also, this thing sits so close to the floor you will probably feel like you are doing a Steve Bannon on yourself. Further proof these people are cheapskates (no adjustment just short as possible) and scam artists (customer services after you buy this boat anchor - ha ha ha have a nice day because they are trained morons and this is what they like and get paid to do - take your money and run, and they end their calls after serving you up a dish of BS).

    The "AbDidn't Zero" is good for jellyfish and worms, because the people who made it can relate really well.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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