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    • Mar 9, 2018
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    My cat and I both did not like!

    The whole idea of PrettyLitter sounds amazing and so much better than all other litters from the way they promote it. I completely disagree, and so does my cat.

    The 4-pound bag did fill my litter box completely, but only lasted only about two weeks with one cat. It doesn't clump, which I'm not a fan of. So the pee kind of just becomes part of the litter and smells awful after one week. And the litter all looks yellow now instead of white. After the two weeks, my cat began to poop on the floor outside the box. I'm assuming she didn't want to step in her pee filled cat box. She's not picking with what cat litter I use too; I change it up with whatever is on sale that month. As long as it clumps and has good odder control.

    PrettyLitter says it has less dust when cleaning. Negative! It has worse dust! I had to keep backing away and wait for the dust to go down every time I went to scoop. The smell...there's no odder control what so ever! And they promote such special odder fighting skills this litter has. The worst cat pee smell I've smelled in a while from less than two weeks. And I clean the box every day.

    I will be sticking to my usual cat litter. That clumps, fights odder longer, and is cheaper as well.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 18, 2018

      Marissa S., Supervisor of Customer Experience

      Thanks for your feedback, Kaylie. PrettyLitter works because the super dry silica crystals absorb the liquid of your cat's urine. The absorbed moisture will evaporate out of the crystals, leaving the microscopic solids (and the odor) of the urine trapped inside the crystals, keeping the litter pan fresh and clean for continued use throughout the month. We recommend stirring the crystals daily to allow for optimum evaporation and distribution, giving you a full month’s worth of fresh PrettyLitter.

      It's normal if the crystals start turning a light yellow shade over time, but you should only start smelling an odor when these crystals become saturated at the end of the litter’s lifespan. In your case, we’d like to explore why your crystals became saturated so early on. Furthermore, PrettyLitter should not give the dust issue you're describing.

      We'd love the opportunity to record your experience and make it right. If you're open to it, please shoot me an email at meow@prettylitter.com (attn: Cassie), and I'll be happy to reach out to you directly. I hope to hear from you soon!

    • Oct 5, 2018

      Patricia K.

      The product doesn't work and customer service isn't good. Everyone has gotten the same response on here, but try it in person and it will take months. Not a good product. It doesn't work at all as advertised, surprised you gave it two stars.

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