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    • Mar 9, 2018
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    Good ingredients and good protein ratio

    Overall Experience:

    Overall the ingredients are superior to Soylent. Protein is at 30% in Huel vs. 20% in Soylent.

    The taste seems to be people's biggest issue with Huel.

    If you do not enjoy oatmeal, you'll likely have more trouble with it than other people.

    Easy ways I've found to upgrade Huel flavor without the flavor packs (I do not like the flavor packs)

    Easy additions:

    - Cinamon

    - Cacao powder

    - Fruits: blend it or just add in frozen berries, lots of options here depending on your taste preferences

    - Instant coffee

    - The Flavor packs: I do not enjoy them and don't find much value in them considering getting cacao powder from Costco is pretty much the same thing, better than the chocolate flavoring, and something like instant coffee makes a better "cappuccino" than their Cappuccino flavor.

    If you're deciding between Soylent and Huel, I'd go with Huel, and if the taste is hard for you, find something to add to Huel to make it palatable. It's worth the tiny bit extra hassle for superior ingredients.

    Also, if you're taking BCAA supplements, they can make a handy flavor addition (if your supplement is flavored).

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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