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    • Mar 27, 2018
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    Bigger than a C-cup? Waste of money.

    Overall Experience:

    I'm a 36F/G in regular bras, and was sick and tired of underwire bras. I longed for something that would give me a respite from them. I realize I will never get the same support and lift an underwire does with a non-wire. But was hoping for at least a comfy lounge-wear style bra for wearing around the home. I followed Knix "find your size" and ordered the correct size (7) in black. The model I picked was their basic, with straps that can reconfigure to X or regular over the shoulder.

    I've worn it for about a year, and I'm finally fed up trying to get this thing to work. My boobs fall out EVERY SINGLE TIME! If you are a well-endowed gal, do NOT drink the Kool-Aid from Knix stating their bras will keep your girls in place. They won't. Unless you stand utterly, totally, 100% immobile after putting it on. However, it you step, move, bend, stretch, walk, reach or basically, you know, live and breathe, your boobs will fall out. If you walk, within 20 steps, you will get the dreaded "quad boob" with spillage everywhere. If you bend over to do anything (pick up stuff, reach for stuff), within minutes, the elastane fabric will roll underneath your boobs entirely, disappearing under your breasts (where the moss grows), now giving a horribly uncomfortable mass of fabric under your tits, while your breasts spring free up top. Requiring you to lift your shirt, tug, pull, and smoosh everything back into place every 10 minutes.

    Well endowed sisters, do NOT waste your $65-85 per bra on Knix. If you are more than a D-cup, this brand is not for you. I've gone back to a Champion racer-back style in a cotton-elastane blend I got for $24.

    I'm not saying Knix products are crap. If you're an AAA-C cup, I bet they are just fine. But I am saying their products are crap for large breasted gals.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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