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    • Apr 1, 2018
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    Crazy Bulk

    Placebos/Pills for false hope

    Bought 3 bottles of 'Clenbutrol' some time ago and didn't bother taking any. Opening one hit me with that smell that instantly reminded me of the pills in the past that has been busted for being placebos, basically packed with junk that houses no benefits!

    Taking these will not improve your performance in anyway unless you gain the stress of false hope to put you under pressure that you must be taking them along with a good diet and workout plan for them to work otherwise you would have just wasted your money. In short, whilst it will work, it's all down to your diet and workout plan and has NOTHING to do with these capsules, they're only there to make you feel like you need to make your money worth it: encouraging you to strictly eat clean and exercise punctually.

    Before the site admins ask for my order number, if their website actually had an order history page, I would have inserted it for you. The website is nothing but a typical persuasive text without any evidence to prove the effects of the products. The reviews are all filtered and have to go through approvals before people see them, hence the only reviews being positive. Take a look on any 3rd party site and you will see no more than 2 stars along with the people who run the site attempting to provide support until you email them and realise they're no longer having to post public comments.

    DO NOT BUY THEM, the site is your typical scam site. When you learn how steroids enhance your body and why it comes with so many side effects, you will then understand that there is literally nothing that can be a safe/legal alternative. Come across the site after that and you know it's obviously false advertising. Save your money, you could have bought a way better supplement with the money you had wasted.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 9, 2018

      Jordan Patel, Customer Service Manager

      Hi Adam,

      I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the smell of the product. That seems like a pretty harsh judgment of a product, as you have not tried it for what it is. The product is packaged into capsules and not something you mix with water as a shake so that you don't need to smell the product when taking it.

      If you could provide your order number and batch number (that should be on the bottom of the bottles), I can check to see if there have been any particular reports with the batch you have received.

      Regarding the reviews on our site, they are all 100% real CrazyBulk customers that have sent us a testimonial after having used the product. This is done as part of our testimonial offer, where customers receive some free products from us.

      You can find out more here:

      Kind regards

    • May 10, 2018


      What kind of customer service is this? I ordered one of your products but I was unsure if my order went through, and when I tried to contact your website I was told my email didn't exist and that I don't have an account number. So, I'm still unsure if my money has been taken from my account.

    • May 11, 2018

      Jordan Patel, Customer Service Manager

      Hi John, thanks for your message. Could you please drop us an email ( with the details you used to place the order, so we can check this out for you ASAP?

      Best regards.

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