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    • Apr 6, 2018
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    Control GX Shampoo

    Best thing I have found. Great results with no ill effects!

    Overall Experience:

    I am a 60-year-old Caucasian man. My natural hair color was always very dark brown, appearing black. Over the last twenty years it has gone more and more grey, and in the last five, it went way too grey to get away with calling it salt and pepper. It was near white. I wear a short cut, approximately 1/4 inch over the ears progressing to 1 to 1 1/4" on top. I have a full head of hair with no balding pattern, but it is noticeably thinner in the last ten years.

    I tried the Control GX product mainly because I am a performer and I could not get roles I wanted without temporary dye, which always looks like crap. This product seemed to me to be accomplishing nothing for about five weeks used every day, until I saw some people I had not seen in that time and the first words they said were "Wow, you colored your hair. It looks great!" I tried to BS my way out of it but they had photos taken in the exact place we were standing at the time, and I was wearing the same shirt! They shot identical photos under the same lighting and did a side by side and there was no getting around it; my hair was many shades darker and looked absolutely natural, and it had been so gradual that I couldn't tell on a daily basis.

    Perhaps the most telling factor: I am getting the parts I want (and not just in my hair!) I used the tiniest amount of shampoo each time, perhaps a half teaspoon. I used my fingertips and did notice some very minor staining. I solved that with a clear matte polish which I use on stage anyway. I let it sit about five minutes with each use as I shaved and washed the rest of myself. Tube says one minute. You will find that the color stains the tip of the tube and if you touch that it suddenly looks like you picked up a melted Hershey bar. DON'T TOUCH THE TIP!

    Oddly, the shampoo is not dark out of the tube nor sitting on your head. Apparently the "dying" effect is a result of it building up gradually on your hair. Does it ONLY dye the grey? Not bloody likely, since it stains everything else it touches, according to the package, but perhaps it only actually adheres to the grey dues to some physical difference, or perhaps is just seems that way. I couldn't care less. IT WORKS.

    There is no odor to the product. No scent or perfume etc. I did not find any problem of staining towels or tiles, etc. IMHO, this is a great product. I am STILL waiting for my wife to say something. I don't know if she hasn't noticed or is "protecting my dignity" by not mentioning it. I am waiting for when she does and I can say "Wanna try it?" LOL. Buy this product!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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