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    • Apr 18, 2018
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    ASEA Redox Supplement

    I will recommend ASEA to everyone

    Good day all.

    I have been taking ASEA 30 ml in the morning and 30 ml in the afternoon for less than a month now and I noticed my nails are growing like crazy long and strong, and my staff complimenting me how shiny and long my hair is now.

    I sleep like a baby now. I had problems with sleeping for many years previously, and I have lost 6 kgs in less than a month by eating less, but I am certain taking ASEA has given me the energy to achieve this positive result.

    I also suffer from asthma, and since I started taking ASEA I am not using any of the puffers and machine anymore, and we live in a very polluted industrial city.

    My sister has also started taking ASEA about six days ago, and she too notices she has the energy now and the pain in her shoulders are gone.

    My brother-in-law took some and he normally cannot sleep properly, but he slept well the whole night!

    I will recommend it to anyone who is suffering from any ailments.

    The lady who introduced me to ASEA is a cancer survivor. She also had several cancer skins cut from her face. She was on thyroid and sleeping pills for 20 years. Since using ASEA, her doctor told her she does not need those pills anymore. She has very smooth skin now, and she looks 20 years younger!

    It is not just salt water because we did a flower test by putting a fresh rose in ASEA, water, and salt water. The one in salt water wilted first, and the one in ASEA lasted the longest!


    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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