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    • Apr 20, 2018
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    Plexaderm Skincare

    I'm freakin BLOWN AWAY!

    Woohooo! HOLY CRAP! Okay seriously, I was pretty friggin skeptical about this product but bought it anyway. After all, I'm 55 years old and can't stand wrinkles. Okay, so I put some on, maybe a little more than a dab, but wow! I went and grabbed a cup of coffee, felt my face getting a little tighter, sat down and had a smoke (yes I smoke). Well, I guess about 12-14 minutes passed, and I went to the mirror to check, and I smiled. I just stood there with a stupid freakin grin on my face before running down the hallway to show my husband. I was all giddy and goofy. He said, and I quote "You looked gorgeous before, but damn...it's like I have a whole new woman in my life." Yeah okay, so he's just telling me what I wanna hear but I'm blown away, my wrinkles are GONE, but for how long? That's what I'd like to know.

    I bought a three-month supply and am wondering if this stuff only works day to day. Am I gonna wake up all wrinkle-faced again tomorrow? I'll let you guys know. Hahaha! I really should have taken before pictures. I'll do that tomorrow if I wake up a wrinkled hag again. LOL! I'm tripping out here. I don't usually like gawking at myself in the mirror too long, but wow, now I can't stop staring at ME. Haha! I can't and won't say I recommend it yet until I know this is going to last all day at least. I do wish this was a one month like thing, but I highly doubt it. Anyway, I'm happy with my TODAY results. Good luck to others who buy it.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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