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    • Jan 6, 2019
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    Peloton Bike

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    Revised my rating - one year of ownership

    Overall Experience:

    So the experience of owning a Peloton has been inconsistent - and littered with issues since I started riding in February of 2018.

    I've ridden about 5K miles this year - to be honest I am quite surprised that the bikes held up - yes, I said bikes. I took one break in September for a trip to Greece - so that's nine months of riding.

    The first bike - bearings blew at 2K miles, so within four months, I had to have a technician do a repair for a new bearings kit on the flywheel. That's no easy task because what needs to occur post-replacement is what I call a tune - you have to make sure the flywheel and magnetic resistance are seated properly. I had issues with my resistance post-replacement.

    Inevitably, I had to get new pedals and one of the pedals wouldn't even come off the bike. Tech was sent twice to get it off. The first time they almost broke the bike and a wall (yes, you read this right), and the second time they didn't have the right tools (above and beyond the wrench) for a scheduled repair. Amazing since it was a scheduled repair to get the crank and pedal replaced.

    Then a new bike was ordered to replace. I received that bike - was able to ride it for about a month before the bearings blew again.

    Note on this delivery - the people were awful at setup. A part that holds the cabling for the tablet to bike metrics recording fell off during setup and the installers wouldn't complete the install and left. I had to take apart the front sweat guard and reinstall the part - that's fine but shouldn't a new installation be one-and-done plug and play if it's meant to be delivered and setup? Is there a checklist to work here?

    Another bike sent and received on December 30th - this was the mother of all bad things to ever happen. The guys showed up smelling like skunk (if you get my drift) and did a terrible job on setup once again. I should've called the cops on them to get them searched - if that would've happened I assume the brand would've taken a hit on social media and the media in general.

    See the Jimmy John's story out today about a delivery driver who was stopped in Minnesota and hid his weed in a sandwich. True story. Cops smelled something and wala, you betcha - found weed IN THE SANDWICH while delivering to a customer. Amazing.

    More - I had to take apart the front sweat guard (again on bike #3) to adjust the magnetic resistance because once I got to riding it was grinding on the flywheel at higher resistance levels. Add cosmetic blemishes to the handlebar and a possible issue with the seat axis - it looks like it's a 1st Gen to 2nd Gen refurbished model. Talking to tech support - they admitted it sounded like this was not a new bike but a refurbished/recycled bike sent to me.

    A new bike and a new tablet are coming my way (if I can believe any of it). I got the warranty extended another two years for free (on bike #3 now going on bike #4), but I am not hopeful the bike will hold up to my training - I require 20-50 miles of riding per day, 500-700 miles per month, and I am aiming to get to 1K miles per month by next year. That's my training and I don't think Peloton was meant to do this, even though the price point is the same as a top-of-the-line Keiser, which is a studio-quality bike.

    So I guess I am bought into the hype, thinking at the time of my first review on here months ago it was a great deal, when it appears otherwise. Until Peloton changes inside-out, I cannot recommend this product or service to anyone. Better off getting the Keiser for the same money - comes with a 5-year warranty up front. Best bike on the market for indoor spin.

    So I apologize for a review earlier this year that labeled this as a great sensation - service has changed considerably since I owned it at the BOY, and it appears the company is growing too quickly and can't keep up with the demand and certainly, the quality of the bike feels compromised.

    Thank you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • May 22, 2018

    Incredible machine

    The best purchase I've ever made. I get great customer service on all of my questions. No mechanical issues with the bike - so crossing my fingers there. Workouts are awesome. I can mix and match, and my rides go 90 minutes at times. Totally revamped how I approach my gym workouts; I can really concentrate on strength and core, and train for the bike. I already surpassed the Century ride and did it in NYC. I am now finishing top 5% or even <5% in less than three months. Just amazing stuff. I recommend this to anyone.

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