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    • May 27, 2018
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    a2 Milk


    I was allergy tested which showed a slight allergy to milk (I'm not lactose-intolerant). But, in addition, I was also allergic to, quite literally, everything else they tested for, to some degree. I have a long, complicated history with allergies and intestinal problems, to say the least.

    Anyways, I continued to drink regular milk because it was hard to replace the nutritional aspects of it. But I was having, at the same time, many neurological problems (which still persist), such as memory loss and an extreme difficulty concentrating or focusing. Finally, a health care worker suggested that I stop drinking milk and so I did and my problems with concentration, while still there, were improved. However, over the course of the year after giving up milk, I began to lose lots of weight and developed a "mild fatty liver," likely a result of my poor diet of foods I substituted in place of milk.

    Later, I also discovered that because of my major allergies to dogs (Type 5) it likely skewed all the results on my allergy test, such that I do not actually have an allergy to milk or shrimp.

    But drinking plain milk makes me feel bad in a way that might be best described as a cross between PTSD and ADHD.

    So, what gives?

    Well, I began to read about the associations between the stomach and brain, especially for those with compromised intestinal barriers ("leaky gut").

    A2 milk does not give me that edgy, unfocused feeling like regular milk does. I can also drink goat's milk without ill effect. I don't mind the taste of goat's milk, but it is expensive.

    On another note, I have never been able to drink most any chocolate milk because it has either corn or carrageenan in it. So, their chocolate milk I would recommend to anyone, compromised stomach or not, as it's not only of good quality, but possibly the best I've ever had.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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